Now This is Happening

This was really just a test, but you can get them NOW! Limited Edition El Machuca T-Shirts!! I know you'll all rush to buy those. Sofia hates the shirt, but to defend it, I did it up late last night and it may not be my best work. Get them while they last.

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Cookin' Out

To thank us for the spaghetti, Cristy had a cook out at her place on Sunday. Nah, we pretty much begged her.

Hot Wire My Heart. Photo by Pastor.

The rest of the photos are pretty much the same as this one.

Look how bored everyone looks.

We always seemed to be talking about Grey's Anatomy. It just kept coming up in conversation, which is fine because I am an expert on cheesy primetime television melodrama. (I don't know why this is underlined, blogger won't let me undo it.)

Sun went down....

........and Grey's Anatomy came on. I forgot how bad the first season was.

After two episodes, we said goodnight. Thanks Cristy.


Great Lakes, where else?

Cristy ate spaghetti at our place on Friday night. After dins we wanted to go out. The girls said they wanted some place new. Of course I had to put my foot down, "No, we are going to Great Lakes and I don't want any complaints!"

They smiled and agreed. Smart girls.

Alex and her sister came along as well.

Ok, Scary Monster Face Game.

This is more of a Meathead Scary Face.

Tough, but not very monster-like.

Oh, that's just sexy.



Cristy thought my hat would help. No such luck.

The next morning we hit up the pool at the Soho House with Anthony. This picture was taken just before we left; I didn't have my shirt on the whole time. Now we are fresas.


Nacho Naco

It's hard to have a bad day, when this is the view from your office window.

Oh Happy Day
nothin can
get me down


More Graduations, Yeah Right!

While Sofia was off gallivanting in Austin, I was in Minnesota making money. Minnesota was nice. It's like what you would imagine: green, farms, malls, funny accents, nice people, mediocre food, lakes. I saw all that.

And then I was in Lancaster, PA, where we headed over to Delaware for Chris' law school graduation.

Jason, Julie, Jillian and whoever (whomever? I don't know, this is blog. What do you expect, Chaucer?) else is graduating, send me your pictures and we'll throw em up. Why not, this seems to be the place for that sort of thing.

Graduation burn out.

The parentals...so much more excited than me.


He's standing, quite an improvement from MC graduation.

Eventhough he'll end up working for the ACLU or something like that, I think Papa is still very proud of Chris.

I would like this nice little kids picture on all your myspacessssssssssssssssssssss.

Side note about Myspace: After Papa and Mama picked me up from the Newark airport, we were talking about the cousins and Papa starts bringing up Myspace. How funny is that? Papa using the word myspace. Awesome! Next thing you know he'll be listening to Hannity on an Ipod.

Dinner, really why I came.

Thanks to Papa and Mama for luggin me around and keepin me fed and Aunt Lisa and Uncle Michael for puttin me up and also keeping me fed. Congrats Chris. I think I am gonna need your services in my upcoming lease negotiations. Call me.