Skate Video Monday #20

Well I've waited long enough, here's some Rowley. This part starts off all gnargnar, but turns into a quaint (still gnar) little section. Enjoy a bit from my hero:


Dogfish Head Tonight

Barcade in Williamsburg hosted Dogfish Head Brewery night tonight. It was mighty fun.

Burton Baton and Chateau Jiahu

Don't worry Sof, there is always more.

Barcade is a sick bar. They have great beer. And old skool video games, like Tapper and Ms. Pacman.

Sam Calagione was there. He is the owner of Dogfish Head and he is sort of one of my heroes. I played him in darts. I beat him and won a hat. We high fived, WOW!

Cristy and Greg were there also, but we left pretty much as soon as they showed up.

Waitin for the F.

Stew and his new free hat.


Oh Love!

Another wedding. This one for a coworker, Brian, in Long Island.

Cool. Not really. It was blazin.


Congrats Brian and Hillary.

Sofi, make sure to get extra Gouda.

My boss Reggie and Kathy.

Stogie Stew. Sofia was slightly disgusted.

Skate Video Monday #19

This week one of my favorite skate parts ever! Ethan Fowler from Foundation's Art Bars and Seagulls. The dude that inspired me to get black Dickies. Just check out his 360s and Tre Flips. Also. White Stripes. Cmon.


Nerd Alert!

In about 30 minutes the new Harry Potter book is to be released. This means nothing to me. I took some pics earlier this evening around Park Slope:

B and N.

Community Book Store was a much more enthusiastic crowd.

Back at B and N, inside.

Meanwhile I am finishing this book, drinking this beer and listening to this album.

Hot Merchandise

Click here to purchase one of these fine pieces of couture.

Bagel Time.

This one is gonna be big seller. I am sure of it.

This one is gonna go over well in the old 'hood.


Into the Wild

As a sophomore in college this book was pretty much life changing. I can not say if the movie will stand up to the book, but I will most definitely be one of the first to see it. Thanks Dad for giving me the book. Everyone see the movie.

Sitting in the Park

Sometime ago we made a trip to Manhattan to ride our bikes in Central Park.


My ride.

Picnic in the park.



anotha boda

Ana's parents were supposed to be married at three. We were there. Everyone else....who knows?

Everyone eventually showed up.

Ana's parents.

Happy Bday America!

Daniel and the Tallarico girls came into the city for the Fourth of July.

And they brought some foreigner named David to show him how 'mericans do it.

NYU lookout spot.


Memphis III

Stacy and Matt's wedding was in Brownsville...Tennessee.

It was weird seeing Matt up in front getting married.

I'm not Chris or Pops saw anything. Look at them.

Couple of the Year? Bloggers of the Year? We'll see.


Cake cutting.

Bro and Sis dance.


Still at it.

Two down. Four to go.