I Want This

Just throwin it out there:

Come on. It's only $600.


Machuca Tattoo
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With Javier's new setup, he's down for life.

Two Lies and One Truth

Sofia's bday in the morning (sort of). Jillian came out to the country to have brunch at Cousin John's.

It was really windy by Target. For Sofia's birthday I made her buy me socks.

Later we had a piece of the cake I made for Sofia. It's really good; it's chocolate with caramel and raspberries.


Grimaldi's for Sofia's bday as usual. I gave her some vampire teeth for an early gift. Her real bday was the next day.

We've been going to Grimaldi's for 4 years now and have gone at leas 40 times. Everytime the pizza has been pretty much the same and wonderful. But last night something was off. Too much cheese and too thick. We are planning on going next week. They better be back to usual or we are done.

Downtown of course.

Later we went to Union Hall, or the bar we call the Library. It was our first time there. It's kind of odd. It doesn’t feel like NYC. It feels like an Orlando bar.

But they have bocce courts inside. I've never played bocce. But now I am a regular bocce enthusiast, you might call me an advocate.


come in for one last dinner that I will make you

Cristy made Sofia dinner for her upcoming birthday. George the dog was not there, but BooBoo the cat was beggin.

BooBoo wants Sofia's wine. No BooBoo no.


netflix gone crazy kids

I just received this email from Netflix:

Your movie was not available at your local shipping center. We sent it from Coppell, TX and expect it to arrive on Saturday, Oct 28, 2006.

That was the closest shipping center that had my movie ? They gotta be kidding me. If I knew that I would have just waited until Thanksgiving and picked it up on my way to Brownsville.

Guess what movie? It's really embarrassing. Think American Pie, but crappier.

somethings last a long time

I'm putting this picture up again. It took me a good two minutes to put those halos on. Plus it's a pretty funny shot, all of them sleeping in one bed. I get no love. Come on folks.

Oh and Chris is having troubles turning his word doc into a pdf. I don't know how to do it on a PC. So if anyone can help with that, he would be happy.


Does anyone remember this guy?

It's been long enough that some of you may ask...who's that? Is he Aaron and Sofia's new friend?

The answer is, no...it's Anthony, visiting from LALA land.


On the Way to See "The Departed"

Sofia: So how long do you plan on keeping this up?
Aaron: Keeping what up?
The El Machuca lifestyle.
Even in ten years, when we have kids?
Yeah, of course.


Pier Paolo Pasolini, I knew it!

Tessa, Rahul, Leela, Dan, and us had dinner at New Green Bo. Afterwards we looked at shoes.

Riding the subway on the weekends is a real joy.

Today Sofia bought a fake tooth for 50 cents at the grocery store.

It was a total waste of money.


Warning: Skateboarding Post

Dan Drehobl finally got his own shoe. It's of course another Van's clone, of which every shoe company has a least one. Dan is sick. He was my second choice for Thrasher SOTY (I went with Dennis Busenitz). Watch Dan and learn the true meaning of Machucar:

Pinche Machuca Gone Mad

This dude was crazy for real. Drudge had this story up for a few days. Earlier this year I think this couple was highlighted in the New York Times. They were New Orleans holdouts and minor celebrities for it. Apparently things didn’t pan out and he went over the edge.


the bigger the laugh the bigger the belly

Sunday. Matt met up with us for brunch.

We went to Schillers. They really surprised me with their Huevos Rancheros. They were stupendous. My meal was definitely the best at the table.

Sofia said she feels short after seeing this picture. I'm surprised she doesn’t feel short all the time. (just kiddin sofi, te amo).

In Jess and Kev's room.

Their view. It's no Park Slope, but it will do.

More preggs.

Ahhh, Jess get away from that homeless guy!

Pheww, it's just me, close call.

Trolls live there.

Waiting around till the fam had to depart.

The leaves are starting to change.

Come on baby, kick.


Isnt She Lovely

Kevin, Jess, Kri and Chris were in town this weekend. Jess is super preggers.

Central Park.

More park.


Kevin is probably the best photographer I know.

8th ave. street fair. We walked the entire thing.

Kristin finally showed up.

Karen and Jeul were also around. There's always money in the banana stand.

I love Jess' belly.

Check out Chris' tail.

Sat. night Kristin, Sofia and Jillian slept in one bed, Willy Wonka style. Of course, the angels said their prayers before snoozing.

Slacker Hacker

Yeah, I know. We are slackin'. I'll get a bunch up tonight.

To hold you over, a bit of comedy from Chris. Whilst having a few litres at Zum Schneider:

I asked, "Is this really a litre?"

"Yup," Chris replied.

"It sure doesn’t feel like it."

"That's because we are such good drinkers."


More from My Beefday

After the oyster festival we went to dinner. Cristy thought this was a great shot.


Then Superfine.

Look how excited Kyle looks.


The next morning, my actual bday, Sofia presented my gift.


Whoah, Vans, what a surprise. This is actually my second pair of Vans I was given for my 27th. Papa and Mama also gave me a pair. I tear through sneakers.

Later, Matt and Whitney came over and we went for burgers.

Then cake.