Go Germany!

This is for all the German fans. Hatip: Javier.


new york

I do miss New York, more than anything for the people I don't get to see. But here is an example of something going on that also makes me miss the city.


Father's Day

Ale and Daniela giving Gordo his gifts.


Gordo busted out all his old albums to play on his new widget. The White Album was a highlight.

Daniela was right proud of this trick. All dogs laying down at once.

Later, bowling.

Seriously, how could I lose with sweet socks like these.

Rebel Dan


Happy Juneteenth!

NYC v. Austin #4: Pizza

Stop laughing...ok...your're right. This is Ridiculous.

Grimaldis - the best. I've tried all the others in NY and none ever stood up to Grimaldis when they were on their game. The last year and a half in NY Grimaldis had some funny things happen and the pizza was not always top notch. But when it was right, it was excellent.

The pizza here is fine. It's great if you've never had Grimaldis. I am not going to list any places. It just would not be respectful to Grimaldis.



NYC v. Austin #2: Burgers

Come on. Is this even a contest…

Bonnies – That is all I really need to say, but I’ll say a bit more. Their spiced burgers are the best I have ever had (period)! Swiss cheese, jalepeno peppers, ketchup and chipotle mayonaise. Forget about it! And the fries. (my mouth is watering). Plus they always had a good rotationd of craft beer pouring. The finest hamburger joint. I don’t care what anyone else says, when you go to NYC, friekin go to Brooklyn and get a bloody Bonnie’s burger. And by bloody, I mean medium rare of course.

It is really not fair. It’s not Austin’s fault. They have great burgers, but how can anything compare when I arrived here with an undying and unending love for another burger. They are bound to lose. I will name off some good spots though:
Hut’s – they say this is Emril’s favorite burger or burger joint, something like that. It is an Austin staple. This was our first burger. They have tons of burger styles, which is cool, but also kind of lame.
Billy’s on Burnet – great burger with buffalo sauce and bleu cheese. Good selection of beer as well.
Dirty Martin’s – great name. This is right near campus. The typical college grease pit. Tasty, but nothing special.
There are others that I have not tried, but seriously, they will never win: P. Terry, Hill's CafĂ©, Dan’s, Casino el Camino, BurgerTex

Oh and extra credit goes to Whataburger for yummy fast food burgers.

NYC of course.


yr picture is still on my wall

Swimming at Barton Springs.

Pizza Time!

Sure it was no Grimaldis, but Frank and Angie's is pretty good.


walkin in the woods

This is pretty much downtown Austin.

Dora the Exloradora.


I'm Sorry Texas

I am sorry Texas for every saying unkind things about you. I love you and your bountiful harvest! After hiking all day to find a mythical swimming hole we ended up here, The Catfish Parlour.

Catfish Parlour had that "Texas" vibe. And I loved it.

The fried catfish was really delectibal. I think maybe once I've had a blackened variety that was just as great, maybe...

The oddest looking hush puppies. They were delicious though. And ENDLESS!

The beans and killer coleslaw were also all you can eat.

Surely, God bless the USA!


More Memorial

Did you know that during the summer Santa Claus lives on South Padre Island making balloon animals for little kids like Diego?

Diego's hardcore. Dude can kick.

Before leaving Brownsville, we went across the border to purchse these lovely gorditas.