I wish it were so

....but it aint....

Last Day with Mom and Kri

Another hike, that seems to be all we do nowadays.

Two seconds before he fell asleep. We were walking to a swimming hole, but all of them have dried up this month. Oh well, there is always next year.

To the pool we go.



Saturday in Wimberley, TX. It's alright. A bunch of shops in a quaint setting.

All the oldie olsens love Santi.

Exploring as usual.

Time to eat right, where can we go?

The local brewpub of course.

Their beer. Decent. The Red Bitter was great. The porter was good too.

And for him?

Pizza yo. Really tasty.

Then Central Market. Midshop banana.

Wind this dude down.


Hike It

Kri got into Austin.

They went for a fun hike, while I was slaving away in the ditches.

It was all too much for Santi.

But he perked up for a swim.

And a snack.

Popsicle time back at the apartment.

Cool mustache Santucas!


Library Days

Library for story time.

Even Mom was there.

Santi flirting.

Ok, the story begins. Santi is entranced.

Not for long. Peek-a-boo takes over.


July 4th/Dad's 60th in Ft. Laudiedoddie.

Feeding fish after breakfast. Those things are insane.


Kristin and Santi riding the coolest toy ever.

Swim fun. Santi is thrilled as always.



Parenting 101

First, pillow fight with yr son. Hitting him with a barrage of pillows:

Then, tell him "no hitting":


Date Night

Last weekend, I think, I took Sofia on a date. To a beer festival. Oh isn't she the luckiest girl in the world.

These guys.

Them too.

Later we did something a little more date-ish. Dinner with Fernanda and Luigi at Snack Bar, where I half-drunkenly gave Fer tips on how to utilize Twitter.