Summmmma Time

It was downright hot on Saturday. Sofia chilled by the pool.

And I hung out in the bushes.

Eat it NYC!


Sunday Hum Drum

Some music. Why not. For your lazy Sunday afternoon.


Sat. Night.

They look excited to make the blog, don't they.

Golly, quit huggin. Yr always bloody huggin. It's as if you were just married...

Look, Peter. All the way from San Francisco. Everyone is coming to Austin.

Javier, what is yr deal. And me, oh me, what a trollish looking fellow. Huge dome.


Saturday we went to Hula Hut and took a bunch of boring pictures.


All gone, all gone

Leti, Eric and Javier came to Austin this past weekend.

Javier was buggin the hell out of Daniel about some dumb club that isn't around anymore.

Sofia, Leti and Eric dithced us. Now what do we do? No don't call Jonathan....

Oh crap.

This is where I lose all my money. I am the worst poker player of all time.


Whataburger. Preston is hating life and all of us.

Ughhh, I'm too old for this.


the slacker is here

So I was in California for a sad reason, but I was able to spend time with some great people.

This is the second time I've seen Diego, my cousin Gaby's kid, he was 5 months old last time we met. He's grown.

Tessa, Anthony and I took a ride to Malibu for some food and to watch the waves.

We also lucked out and saw 3 dolphins swimming along the shore.

Last and certainly not least, you get a rare appearance of my cousins Christy and Andrea Galloway--and Tessa, but she's been on before.


Sof Slacks

Sofia was in California last week.

But she is too lazy to blog about it. Complain to her please, not me.


Home Sweet Home

Remember when we had some problems with our Brooklyn Apartment. You can relive those moments here, here and here.

Let me say, our new apartment is pefect, but we did find this:

Beer cans in the air conditioning vents. WTF! And it st BUSCH!! Gross. And it's NON-ALCOHOLIC!!


My Uncle Carl passed away last Thursday, and as a tribute I wanted to share some pictures of a vacation we had with him and some other cousins.


These are the race pics from the Cap 10k website. They are pretty bad.


you got me runnin'

The day after camping, Sofia ran in the Statesman Capitol 10K. It rained. Luckily I had an umbrella.

This is her about to finish. She did really well. Hilda and Daniela also ran.

But I gotta tell yall this....Sofia was beat by a dude carrying a globe over his head the entire race. I also saw a lady dressed up as a salad (complete with broccoli feet) come in before Sofia. But still, good job Sofia, you did awesome. You will never, EVER, see me paying to run in the streets.


More Camping Fun

Back to the wilderness. Hiking time.

Then we went to the moon.