Euro Update I

We are in Prague....more later....


Bips and Bobs

We're out of here today. We will be in Munich tomorrow morning. See you in ten days.

Also, sales of El Machuca tshirts are insane. Get them while you can. Everyone is doing it.

Oh and click on this picture. Sick, right? I'm moving to Sacramento.

Son Volt

Free, my favorite word. Free Son Volt, money.

Kyle, Sofia and Ernest are so cheap. They kept complaining, "This better be good", "I hope this was worth the walk from the subway." I reminded them it was free, chill.

Cristy finally showed up and wondered why she had come all this way for a country concert.

For real though, Son Volt was straight rocking. They are Real American Music. This is the stuff on which we were built, seriously. They are also the quintessential road music band. And the last night they played the ultimate driving song, Windfall:

Switching it over to AM
Searching for a truer sound
Can't recall the call letters
Steel guitar and settle down
Catching an all-night station somewhere in Louisiana
It sounds like 1963, but for now it sounds like heaven

May the wind take your troubles away
May the wind take your troubles away
Both feet on the floor, two hands on the wheel,
May the wind take your troubles away

Although, here in NYC it could be the most depressing song ever; the lack of driving and all.


Parentals Gone Wild

Dave at the nexus of the universe.

This was on Saturday. As you can see, the weather was crusty.

We got all touristy and took a Water Taxi Tour.

It wasn't sunny but it felt nice, they look cold though.

The sun started to come out during the tour.

Bloggers of the year?

The Brooklyn Bridge is straight money.

We continued the touristy day with a "Broadway Show."

Super queso.

Sunday, much sunnier and much hotter. We stayed in Brooklyn all day. 7th Avenue was alive with festivaldom.

Escaping the heat in Barnes and Noble, a summer tradition.

Sayin goodbye and sweatin'.


Dave, having spent 2.5 days in NYC, started cracking up. Get that man back to the south! STAT!!


Yankee Stadium: Worst Ever

Our printer floated us some tickets for Thursday's Yankee's Game. I cheered for Cleveland the whole time.

Work peeps.

For real, I hate this stadium. I had to walk a damn mile for a decent brew.



We began the evening by arming our selves with bug spray. Those mosquitos were killer.

The great view made up for it.


The groom.

The beautiful bride.

Tessa walking around the groom.

Vice versa.


I don't know what is going on here.

The handsomest single guys at the wedding.


The first dance.

Javier was going a bit crazy.

Conga line.

And they're off.

Javier pulled out some sparklers.

The end. Thanks go out to the Sarathy and Gonzalez families for a great night! Good luck to Rahul and Tessa.