Chris' Bachelor Party Update (CBPU) #1

Austin Airport > Starbucks

Any day of the week. Wifi is rockin' here no questions asked.

Chris is already posted up at the Chilis in the Orlando Airport. Matt should be there soon. Homeless around 6. Me at 720pm.

Ryan and Brian do not arrive until tomorrow.

It's On!


Twenty Four Hours Away...

Chris' bachelor party weekend

Go Chofis!

I am pleased to announce that Sofia Chamberlain, Senior Administrative Associate in the Administrative office of the Law Library, is the September 2008 Law School Employee of the Month. During the tumult of recent law library tragedy and change, Sofia has exhibited a professional and calming demeanor. She has helped the Law Library cope with the loss of Professor Mersky by dealing with a myriad of administrative matters, handling all the unpredictability with composure, graciousness, practicality, and professionalism - generally just taking care of business in an effective and pleasant manner. Additionally, she has had been one of the more visible presences in the process of introducing our interim director, Terry Martin, to the community, and helping him transition here. Thank you, Sofia, and congratulations on this well-deserved recognition of your work.



I have not mentioned this yet, but Daniela is blogging now too. Lately, she has been outbloggin us for sure. I am like a week behind. If you wanna see what we did last week, click here.

Never Again

I am not a huge fan of starbucks. I would visit from time to time, but let’s face it, their coffee pretty much blows. I mean it is better than yr average trucks stop stuff, but I would much rather have Barnies any day. My reasons for never going back have nothing to do with their coffee though. They advertise as having free wifi, but not so fast. Their wifi situation is silly, stupid, ridiculous, obnoxious, etc. Why can they not have free wifi straight up like every other coffee shop, bar, restaurant in the world? It is so petty how they make you register a card, must keep five dollars on it, use it once a month. And on top of that you only get two hours use. They suck, flat out. From here on out, I will never step foot in another Starbucks again. Mark it.


Insanely Great

I can't wait to show this to my kids:

a few of aaron's favorite songs from europe

Check them out.

They love mana in spain.

I really wanted to add Limon y Sal but you'll have to click.

end of the line

I think Aaron knows all about the F trains' last stop in Queens. Although his story didn't include a Monestary.


Thirsty Thursday #8

Wow. Lord forgive me for slacking - beer wise. It has been 14 long months since my last Thirsty Thursday. But let me tell you my dear readers, it is back and it is back to stay - no seriously.

Blackjack Ale (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
by North by Northwest - Austin, TX
Style: Belgian Dark Ale
ABV: a good amount (?)

Today we delve into the world of bourbon barrel aging. Sorry folks, this one is only available in Austin. You will have to visit to taste. One snob's review:

Just got this after arriving and finding the Kodiak IPA is no longer available. This ended up being a nice surprise though in the end. Appearance wise, not too impressive, no head, black color. Can pull much of an aroma off this one, too many food smells wafting around the joint. Bourbon right away in the flavor, nice warming. Wet and smooth drinker. Very enjoyable. Went well with my burger.

I wonder if there are any beer flavored bourbons?



Sorry again for the lack of updates to this-here-blog, but things have been somewhat busy here in the ATX. I know, I know, I’ve said that a billion times. I just got a full time job (HURRAY!) and it is taking some extra adjustment time. Remember, I’ve basically been on vacation for a year. Come on peoples. I promise to start up the flow of Machucaness, I know you must be longing for, by tomorrow at the latest.



Wood U

Just another girl singing along with ole Willy Oldham.


Just another saturday

Big disappointment.

Lunch was good though. Austin has this fascination about food carts. This is one of them: Lulu B's.

When we first walked up I was not impressed. The location was great, under giant oak trees, creating blessed shade from the evil sun. But their choice for seating was abhorrent. And it looked like it was going to take forever. Fear not, the food came quick enough and was actually quite tasty. We had a couple spring rolls and split a grilled chicken sandwich.

Later we went to the (512) grand opening.


Danny Way is a Beast

The xgames suck, but this is insane. He got up after this and returned to skating minutes later.


Music of the Night

Julie on stage as Christine in Phantom of the Opera. You rock Julie!

Read her blog if we don't have anything new.

Eat it from the outside

We made salmon and asparagus risotto the other day. And it was good.

That is all.


More Mom

More posing. This time on campus.



Vix in Austin

Mom was in town.

First stop: Salt Lick of course.


Sundays in Georgetown

A nice thing about living here in Austin is Sunday in Georgetown. Most Sunday's Gordo and Hilda are kind enough to have us up for supper and fellowship. This was one of those a couple weeks ago.

Jalepeno Chips and swimming pools = Texas Summer.

Sure you come over and stand by me, but you ain't gettin' nunna my chips.

There are more dogs in Georgetown than Humans.

Jessie is my girlfriend. She loves wearing my hat. Don't stand next to me unless you wanna get bit.