Dark Moves



William F. Buckley died this week. This is one of the best videos of him. It's from 1969--a debate/chat with Noam Chomsky. I am personally more of a Noam Chomsky fan. Can you imagine anything like this on television now-a-days? This is part one of two from youtube. If you want to see the second part, you know where to go.


Brew and Que

Uncle Billy's has some solid brews. The Barbque was good too. We did not have any, but the dude sitting next to me at the bar gave me his leftovers (seriously).

People are going to start thinking Daniela is our roommate or child. She's in every blog post.


Gregory would like you to view this...

and therefore I would like you to watch it also.

Steve Varon had a vision of the Dalai Lama carrying the 2008 Olympic Torch in part of its planned route to Beijing. Due to China's political standing with the Dalai Lama, Steve's vision is going to take a lot of work to become a reality. Submitted for the Pangea Day contest.


I just deleted all my links on the left hand side of the page. Oh well. Seriously how many of you even used them anyway? One. Two. You can still click on the CafePress link and buy some awesome gear. And the Flickr link to see some insanely professional photography.

I might put up some links in the future. Probably just friends and connected blogs/sites. But not now.


As mentioned earlier, Sofia's parents were in town this past weekend. We had a good time. Whilst thier car was being towed we were at the mall.

And the LAF water stand during the Austin Marathon.

These are pretty much the only pictures I took while they were in town. Well these and a photo of a bagel. I don't know why I have been weak lately, picturewise. Maybe I am just burned out from Europe. Yeah, that's it. We'll stick with that for now.


My Favorite Word

Free. Free hat. Free (crappy) beer.

I love Texas


If yr ever lucky enough to stay at our casa, don't park in the parking lot. Put it on the streets. We learned this the hard way when Sofia's Parental's car was towed. And I mean towed for real...all the way out to the shadiest of the shady, Austinstyle.

We got there just in time. Any later and their ride could of looked like this, windows knocked out, tires flat.


Cash Money

Sofia got a job!!! Yes, now we can start eating out more! I have a lot of places to try. First on the list (sort of) - Magnolia Cafe. I really just wanted to try the Mag Mud. It ruled.

It also means more guilt free stops at this place!


Goats, Sheep, Etc...

Something funny is going on at Gordo and Hilda's house in G-town.

These look more like dogs.


Austin Wandering

We hung out by Town Lake the other day. It doesn't look like a lake to me. More of a river. But I aint no geologist or whomever makes those kind of calls.


Later we met up with Daniela under some space trees.

And had pizza at Homeslice. Grimaldi's...no. Good...yes. Good beer too.


Super Super

Super Bowl.

Daniela put out quite the spread. I provided the (mini)keg.

It was all too much for Jessie.



Texas' capitol building is taller than the National Capitol. What a bunch of jerks.

Sofia pointed this building out to me. I forgot what it is. Some theater.


Some Bar Shots

Why not, right?

We took Daniela's dog to the bar.

Man, she can drink!