My Weekly Obsession #2

Hey Mom

How come you are never in the photos? This was at Dig Pub's Oktoberfest. A good time for all and we left just before the big mosquitoes came out.



What is going on in this photo? Who knows, strange.


Mark me down

This Kid

So... this has become a baby blog. Get over it, I have.



Santiago is learning about angles and perspective. He loves this position.


Daniela regaling us with her tales of Barcelona.

Not having it.



Staying at home with Santiago

Sleep in the morning.


Change. About a billion times. His favorite move is pee. I change him. Then he poops in a nice clean diaper.

Sweet afternoon sleep.


Sunday's with Santiago

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Sorry for the delay. I start my new job tomorrow. Please stand by until things normalize.


Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!

It's time baby!!!!!!

Beer Cream

I love beer. I love ice cream. Best news I've heard all week:
READY FOR DESSERT? Within a day or two of this post, you should be able to go to 2 Amy’s Ice Cream locations in Austin and get a bowl or cone of the NEW (512) Pecan Porter Ice Cream, made with our own (512) Pecan Porter (duh).

Here are the locations where the (512) Pecan Porter Ice Cream will be available:

1012 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 480-0673

10000 Research Blvd # 140
Austin, TX 78759-5814
(512) 345-1006

Plans for weekend: made. My wife will be so happy. Bonus!


Sarah and Seth came through Austin on their drive to Cambodia, or something like that. Guess where we went, that's right, Yogurt Time or whatever that place is called. We went to other places also, but I am a total slacker these days, blogwise. As if you have not noticed.

I think this was Seth's first time holding a baby.

When we got home Santi read himself to sleep.




In addition to the Del Castillos, Fer and Luigi were also in town to participate in a triathlon. We met them at Flying Saucer the day before sot that they could carbo load on beer.

Go Fernanda!

Fake cheering!

Go Luigi!

Sort of real cheering!


Mexico Day 7

Last day. Time to pack. Boooooo.

Not before putting Santiago in that crazy suit! Lil thrasher.

Mexico day #6

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Sayulita is beautiful. I could seriously move there. If they built a skatepark.

Mexico day #6

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Mexico day #6

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Most went to Salyulita. I did not.


Mexico Day 5

Dawn patrol.

On this day, I was hoping to land a tuna or a marlin.

All aboard were hopeful.

Well, most of us.


Ok, it's not a marlin.

But it looked pretty cool.

We were pretty much skunked though. Most got a fish, but nothing worthy of bringing home. Santiago welcomed us back to the hotel soaked and sacked out.

Portrait time.


I Love Florida

Not saying crazy stuff only happens in FLA, but it sure seems to happen a lot more there than in TX. Thank God for the internet!



Mexico Day 4

Day 4. The boys, minus Santiago, went surfing in Sayulita. I did not bring my camera. Maybe someone else has pictures...

These days are starting to meld together.

It may look like a small family vacation. But there were 35 of us there!

Some of em.

Leti faking. That is Eric's lobster

Mexico Day 3

90 percent of my vacation looked like this, with a taco and/or drink in hand, or Santiago in my arms.

Leti was a baby hog the whole trip. I told here that is fine, as long as she changes all his diapers. And she did.

Ok, sometimes we had a little activity. Chamberlains/DeLaRosas/DelCastillos/Arriagas v. Mexico.

More food. At lunch the special was a kilo of shrimp in your choice of saucer. I'll take that. I had to call in reinforcements from the beach to help me finish.

Exactly thirty minutes later, more swimming.