Happy Halloween!

Where we will be this weekend

Although I am not really sure what this will entail, I am hoping to have some haggis and beer. We'll see.

Books. Yeah! I am just looking for free swag. Maybe a book bag or something dorky like that.


¡Pelos de Punk!


Thirsty Thursday #14

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA
Style: IPA
ABV: 6.8%

Oh yeah!!! I love this time of year. Celebration time! I saw this at HEB tonight and snapped it up without looking towards any other beer.

This is the first beer I had after returning from Europe last year. We were in Spain for the last month of our trip and there were no hoppy beers to be found in the entire country (save for the one pale ale I found at a beer bar in Valencia, and even that was a stretch). Towards the end of our journey I was quite homesick and longing for that bitter bite of the hop. This was the beer I pined for. And who knew, it's even available in Brownsville, TX, lucky for me.

Easily one of my all time top five IPAs. Homeless, this one is for you!


Don't be an oaf like me. Vote YES on Prop2.


Country folk

Last Saturday we visited Del Castillo Family friends. In Wimberly, TX. Just yr average village in Texas.

With all the trappings of Americana.

Sweet whips with greasers at the wheel.


Scared sh*tless baby white cows roaming all over the place.

Just another Saturday.

one year ago

I wish I had this cake for my birthday this year too. yum.



WTF!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is for real:


Grimaldi's is expanding and opening (or already has opened) locations around the US! This could be great or horribly, horribly bad. This is probably why the quality of pizza severely dropped off in our last 1.5 years in NYC.

They are opening one soon in San Antonio....to be continued.


Thirsty Thursday #13

Deschutes Jubelale
by Deschutes Brewery - Bend, Oregon
Style: Winter Warmer
ABV: 6.7%

It's not even November and the winter beers are rolling out. This is one of the first I've seen in these parts. I had one last night and I am saving the rest for colder winter nights. I find it sort of odd that Deschutes released this beer in Texas when we only get two other beers from them (black butte porter and mirror pond pale ale) and this is a seasonal. They have many other year round beers I wish they would distribute here. Maybe this is a sign of more to come. Or maybe this is being released because it an important beer in their lineup: the first they ever bottled, according to their website.

The artwork on the bottle and the packaging is sick. I wish I took a picture of the six pack carton. About the artwork:
Every year Deschutes Brewery selects a Northwest artist to create an image evocative of the season’s festive atmosphere. In 2008, Pam Jersey Bird, who lives in Sisters, painted a winding, abstract river running through the open spaces of Central Oregon’s desert, surrounded by fluttering snowfall.

It was really unlike any other winter warmers I've had, not a lot of spice flavor. Very malty, which is nice. Super smooth, silky. It reminded me of a porter, almost milky. A bit of a hop bite. Overall not bad, but I was expecting a little more to tell you the truth.

Jaron and Jose

Jaron and Jose Canseco are on TMZ's front page right now:



A Weekend in the Sun

Salt Lick much? Ohh, I love it.

Sofia thinks she is at the beach.

Patrick and his bros were in town for the UT/Missouri game. We did the sixth street thing.

Dimensions moment for Patrick. Austin? LA? Who knows?

And then we skipped church for Caffé Medici. A holy enough experience if you asked me.

Sometimes It Just Ain't Gonna Happen


This is happening again

Congratulations Pops and Laurie on yr upcoming nuptials.
Sorry. Thanks wedder.


Happy Birthday To Me

I suggested we go to the Saucer. I kind of wish we went to the Draught House. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Geez, can the Bday boy get a picture once in awhile.

Oh Yeah!!

Bring on the weekend.

After After Party

The next mornig, after some kick ass omlettes, we reviewed photos of the glorious event.


After Party

Party Part 2



My head is a melon. For sure.

Kevin from the Office was the DJ. This is one of the rare moments he was behind the keyboard and not at the bar.

Party Part 1

@ the reception. Of course, tons of staged fotos.

Mom and Jess.


Look at Ryan in the back. Snoopin'.

The Bride and Groom arrive. Rusty took his time.

Fixin the dress.

Bouquet. Check out Gen on the right. She wants it so bad.

Ashley wins.

First Dance.


the weddin

Pops and I pullin' the white runway.

Yada, yada, yada...kiss the bride.

I can't believe Chissyfur is married.

Kiss her again, why not.

The angels.

Get over here.

"They have no idea what they are getting into. Hahahahahaha!"



In a Starbucks, i know, i know, that did not last long.

Give me a break. I was in Lancaster.

Groomsmen meeting.

Last minute advice from the Dad.

Grooming it up.

Chris' new whip.

Who knew a Lancaster public defender could roll like this? Certainly not Chris.