Sorta Perfect

It's about that time...I can feel it...spring. The smells from the gutters are inching towards our noses. You smell it? Huh, do ya? Leti loves it.

I got me one of these babies.

A lot of people ask me what I do and if I make my company any money, considering the amount of blog time I invest. Well, this is it. Most of the time I'm starin at screens that look like this. I do do work. Quite a bit, on some days. But today's just so nice.

Dean Wareham is My Hero

Man, I wish Dean could sing me to sleep every night. Watch this, the whole thing, c'mon, it's only 60 seconds, just do it.

Speaking of Dean, a movie is soon to be released about the last months of Luna. You can watch the trailer at their website.

What's that you say, you want more Dean Wareham news. Well ok, if that's what you want, here it is: Dean and Britta Phillips are recording their second album. And it is going to be dope. Just like their last one, it will have a mix of new songs and covers. One of the covers is of Adam Green's We're Not Supposed to be Lovers, which I love. More info here.


Brokeback Pies

After I got out of work, this crazy lady kept following me and screaming obscenities.

Just kidding, Sofia called me and said her cousin Josh was in town. Spring is upon us.

Josh was staying in Union Square, well at a hotel in Union Square. We walked up from Sofia's office. This is Cedar, it's supposed to be some great joint, but it's really a plain ole jock bar.

Josh's view.

Anthony met us at Lombardi's for a few slices of pizza.

As we were stuffing our faces, none other than Brooklyn resident and Oscar Nominated Actor Heath Ledger walks in with a few friends. Sofia was surprised he was wearing Adidas.


Forgetting Stuff in Boston

Pops left his computer charger. I left my glasses. Chris left his pride.

We did what we usually do when getting together: quote things, mostly Seinfeld and ourselves.

Below are the visuals with minimal blathering. enjoy.

Friday night, Chris was sleeping when we got there. That other guys is Even. The night did not go his way, sorry.

Saturday morn, Pops said he was cold.

John Harvard and a girl.

We are total tourists.

Good, but no Grimaldis.

Javier and Kelly came up from RI.

Everywhere I go, people give me a hard time.

Sunday morning, Chris and Pops leaving. Again, I hate goodbyes.


Thanks Stephen.

Learning to Fly

We got back from Boston yesterday. More on that later, but for now:


Chik-fil-a and China

Today Sofia had a great deal for me: free movie and she would buy us Chik-fil-a. Yes and yes.

I was soooo happy.

Sofia thinks she looks like an alien in this photo. Aliens love fries!

The movie was a'ight, a movie you would stop and watch on PBS. To read more about it click here.


Vote Katherine Harris?

She is nuts, completely nuts!! But I really love her.

Some of you may already know about my curiosity pertaining to Ms. Harris.

If you want to see more of her watch this classic video:

Seen It

Get Netflix.

Last night we were watching this and Sofia fell asleep two minutes in. I woke her up half way through and said we could finish it later. She said, "No, keep watching, this is so cute." Yeah, so cute you can't even stay awake.

Don't tell Sofia, but this is coming today. She doesn't know, but it will be great for the bus trip to Boston. She'll see.


I Shouldn't be Here

I once told Sofia that if I was ever in the same room as Mark Gonzales I would immediately get up and leave. I didn't ever want to be in the same room with him. He is a legend, a super duper legend, a hero. I am not worthy to breathe the same air.

We went to the KCDC party on Saturday night and he was there, but I didn't know this when we first arrived. When I saw him, I felt a sudden urge to rush for the door, but I figured I had already been there for fifteen minutes so I might as well stick it out. I hid behind Sofia the whole time.

Waiting for a train of course.

Doesn't Uma Thurma look like Madonna in this picture?

Spooky people live down there.

I really shouldn't have been there. In attendance:
The Gonz
John Cardiel
Tony Trujillo
Julien Stranger
Peter Hewitt
Pat Smith
...and a bunch of others.

This was Anthony's kind of crowd.

This is really a photo of Tony Trujillo, but Ernest took all the flash. Oh well.

We had to use the restroom so we went into the first place we saw. This is what we found. A nice looking place, but it was dead. Just look at that guy over there, completely passed out. What a Saturday night!!

Goodnight Ernest.

It was freezing, Sofia was jogging back and forth to keep warm.