Since Sofia will probably never get around to bloggin, I'll just put up this slideshow of Santucas and Sofia's trip to Brownsville.


A Model Life

Yesterday, just a normal day at the mini ramp, besides the fashion shoot going on whilst we were skating. That's me in the background fronstside grinding.

I totally sniped this shot from this Trevor's website and pumped up the levels to make me viewable. Go to his site to see the real deal.


Action Shots

That's a miss. Sorry Stephen.

Aristo fats

At the "White Party." That's how we do it, well sort of. Steve, Ryz and Pops seem to be wearing white, but that is just the flash.

Ryan's buddy got us in. We came 7 dudes deep. Just what a party needs. More meat.

Napolean layin down the game plan.

This dude was tearin up the dance floor.

Judges not impressed.

We drank the place out of cranberry juice. We shook our heads and said ok, I guess we can switch to vodka and pineapple. What a bunch of fruits.



post-nap escape route

Digesting Europe

Shameless plug alert.


Any tips on making the site faster, please let me know.


Ryza-Fest Day 1

Beautiful day. Let's go wakeboarding.

Steve, tantrum.

Pops shreddin.

Get back out there and DO A FLIP!

Chris, shreddin also, like always.

To the marina Chris! We got bloody marys to drink.



Grimaldi's?? Fo real

We went to San Antonio last weekend. This was actually the night before. Dinner with Daniela and Jessie.

In San Antonio, I think.

Grimaldi's in TX?!?!?!?! WTF! It's true. They have super franchised now.

Let's compare the pizzas:

San Antonio.


So there is definitely a difference. Obviously the TX version is not as good, but still pretty damn tasty. It's is hard to stamp out an original over and over. The flavors are all there, they just are not quit the same.

Jay and Santi. Nice bib Santiago.

'Tucas TV


Saturday a walk through Harvard Medical School led us to the Museum of Fine Arts.

This one was for Aaron-just so he knew we were in fact thinking about him. :)

Monday we headed to Cambridge and met up with a work friend from NYU, who now works at Harvard Admissions. She showed us around.

Here Santiago is attempting to rub John Harvard's foot which, legend says, will help him get into Harvard, if he wants to that is.

Santiago has a long tongue..he's definitely Aaron's son. I tried to capture it here, but it doesn't do it justice.


Boston highlights

We figure the travel bug needs to be planted early. So here are some highlights of Santiago's second big trip.

We headed to Beacon Hill on Saturday. It was sprinkling but we managed to walk around, then headed to the Commons.

This was for Aaron's "Ugg viewing pleasure".

Oh, did I mention we were visiting family. My cousin, Gaby, her husband Mike, and their 2 kids, Diego and Mateo. Fortunately, we also were able to see my cousin Sarah & her husband Miki and Aaron's cousin, Stephen (for security reasons they will not appear on any of these posts).

Here are my mom and Diego.

And Gaby and Mateo.

More to follow....


Picture me rollin'

I have tasked Sofia with uploading her photos from her Boston vacation to flickr tomorrow. Shortly thereafter posts will follow. For now, check out these two dudes rolling through the mean streets of Brookline:

Santiago and Mateo. Rollin' Hard!

These are nice

My Bday is tomorrow. FYI.


It's About Time

Sofia and Santiago get home today from Boston. Finally.


Enjoy Yr Weekend

Flat Screen

Last night in town for Tere, Sofia and Santiago. They're heading to Boston Friday morning (now). What is Santiago looking at?

Oh, the TV. Great.


While the cats are away...

Sofia and Santiago are the cats in this scenario. They are going to Boston this weekend. And I just scored tickets to a ACL after show with the Raveonetttes. Oh yeah!