Baby Out and A'bouts

This was awhile again. Breakfast with some of Del Castillo Primos.

Later we brought Santiago to the Saucer. Javier predicted the girls would love him.

Who wouldn't love this guy? Seriously.

They did. Dude my hair is starting to look like Chigurh's

That's better.

Worlds Are Colliding!

Dude from TMZ tv show wearing a AntiHero. WTF!!!

This is Jaron's favorite TV show, FYI.

Another One Bites the Dizust

Congratulations to Erica and Ryan! If the Facebook rumblings are true, they are now engaged to be married. I have not confirmed this with either party. More later.


How the F*** Have You Heard of Utica?

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Daily Show
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Hooray for music!

I don't even know what to say about the look on his face here--we did not position his hands that way--it's all Santiago.

Stupid Progression

Someday I am going to say to Santiago, "Boy, there was a day when skateboarding was easy."



Los Machucas

Just chillin.
Babies chill. A lot. I can't wait for him to start doing some chores.

Sofia, Put Some Pictures of Santiago Up

I'm at work. I know you are watching the tenth hour of the Today Show.




Yesterday was Father's Day. We will have pics later of the events. We had a bit of a horseshoe tournament. I came in second. I killed Javier. And this dude practices all the time. Photo evidence:

J-dizzle playing horseshoes in SF.


Came across a new McAlister's today. I have not had one of these since leaving Mississippi.


Tim Cox sent me this. Santiago is so going to be pimpin one of these next year!


Catching up with Santiago

He loves a bath. ¡Pelos de Punk!

His first official outing. Frozen yogurt.

It was good.

Santiago was indifferent. Or maybe he was just sleeping. Not sure


Hmmmm. This could come in handy now that we got that little dude around.

It's Monday. Awesome. I would like to thank my son (that is weird, "my son") for allowing me to sleep three hours. You are too generous Santiago.


It's in the hands


Comforting Mom.

Wow, this is becoming a baby blog. Oh well, get over it, I am.


Three Santiagos

Not so happy.





Heading home from the hospital. Santiago was digging his rig.

I posted more pics on Flickr if you care to take a gander:

little peapod, with a little black top

Wikipedia on Santiago

I promise this will not become a "baby blog." But it's all so new, so bear with us.


Childbirth Update 1

We are at the hospital. It is ten til four AM. Sofia is getting hooked up to the baby monitor for the second time since we arrived. They hook it up once an hour for fifteen minutes.

Sofia's water broke around 12:45 am. Brilliant timing baby! We were in the hospital around 1:20. They confirmed her water had broke and we settled in for what could be a long night, day. At that time, Sofia was only once centimeter dilated.

Sofia's contractions are getting stronger, but they are still a bit sporadic.


help a friend out

vote for cristy.

Surefire My Ass

We tried it. If you have no idea what I am talking about, read this. Tuesday evening I made the mac and cheese and Sofia adorned it with as much A-1 sauce as she could stand. It was disgusting, but we really thought it would work. Well, it didn't. It's been over 24 hours and Sofia has not gone into labor yet.

Still waiting.


See Ya Lata

Well, June 1 has come and gone. Still no baby. But there are a new slew of losers. Thanks for playing though:
Lisa Tallarico - boy - May 27, 6:40 am - Lancaster PA
Lulis del Castillo - boy - May 27, 8:30 am - Columbia SC
John - boy - May 28, 12:00 am - Helotes TX
Audrey Palacios - boy - May 28, 10:40 pm - Dallas TX
Kevin Brown - boy - May 29, 7:30 am - Hillsboro Beach FL
Luigi - boy - May 29, 8:00 am - SLP Mexico
Daniela - boy - May 29, 4:20 pm - Austin TX
Lupita - boy - May 30, 12:00 am - SLP Mexico
Fernanda - boy - May 30, 12:00 pm - SLP Mexico
Leticia - boy - May 31, 8:07 am - Brownsville TX
Jay Lynn - girl - May 31, 8:56 pm - San Antonio
Lulis - boy - Jun 1, 12:00 am - Columbia SC
Christina - boy - Jun 1, 2:30 am - Brownsville TX
Hopa Galloway - girl - Jun 1, 6:00 am - Columbia SC
Oralia - boy - Jun 2, 10:50 pm - Harlingen TX


The great schnitzel experiment of 2009 went off smashingly.

Done. I guess we could have pounded the pork even more.


Something for Aaron to look forward to

Take a listen

do you remember...

(This post is for Leti, Javier and my Mom.) being in Verona at Juliet's balcony throwing a water bottle around? I do. They have recently opened the location for weddings.

Philips Phile Surefire Birth Recipe

(Directions must be followed exactly)
1. The pregnant mother MUST be past her due date.
2. The father* of the unborn child MUST purchase a newbox of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (the original elbows with the powdered cheese in the blue box), and a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce.
3. The father* MUST make the entire box of Mac. & Cheese while the mom-to-be sits on her fat ass.
4. The mother can add as much or as little (the more, the better) A1 Steak Sauce to the Mac. & Cheese.
5. The mother MUST eat as much of the Mac. & Cheese as she can, preferably the entire box.
6. The proud father* should start packing the bags and warming up the car because mom will be in labor within 24 hours.
7. Send us a picture of the rug-rat.

* Note: Any male figure will do if the father is in prison or in the witness protection program.
The surefire recipe is guaranteed to work, (at least 9 out of 10 times) And if it doesn't, it means YOU screwed it up!


Wilco Wilco Wilco

So Wilco has an album coming out later this month. It's called Wilco. This is the first song from the album. It's called Wilco.


Well Baby, Where are You?

Today, June 1, is Sofia's due date. No baby yet. We will let you know. The blog's name is going to change as well (not the address, just the title).