Father's Day

We went up to Georgetown for Father's Day. Santi was all over the place.

He loves dogs.


Happy Father's Day. Two weeks later.


The Fantasticks

I had no idea this was starting so soon. Congratulations to Julie. Tonight is opening night in NYC. She is playing the female lead. Go see her. Email her. Facebook her.

Yo Julie, are they looking for any stagehands?


Saint Arnold 2nd Austin Pub Crawl Recapish

This post was from my beer blog:

Last Saturday was not a good day to be walking around downtown Austin in jeans. It was bloody hot, but that is just what I did. I had to. I only own one pair of "nice" shorts and I got bleach on them. Now I have none. So jeans it was. Ohhh, the exciting life of a rich and famous beer blogger.

Anyway, the pub crawl lineup was as follows: Texas Embassy, Sidebar, Liberty and Shangri'la. Four bars I had never been to. I was surprised by Shangri'la, it was a cool bar with a huge outdoor area. I also liked Liberty. It reminded me of some of the bars I frequented in Brooklyn. All in all, just as with the last pub crawl, it was a lot of fun, hot, but fun. Next time I am wearing shorts, bleached or not.

This is the only photo I took. It was not one of the stops, but a mandatory food stop for my pub crawl companions. I took the photo to show my wife. Carry on.

Me and the group I latched on to, much to their chagrin. This photo is from Saint Arnold's Facebook page, check it out for tons more photos of the festivities.


Spain Songs

These are two songs Sofia was obsessed with in Spain back in 2007. We would hear them everywhere we went from Asturias to Andalusia.



So the day after the wedding we headed to a quick morning baptism for my nephew Mateo. Congrats to Mateo and godparents, Luigi and Fernanda.

I love Diego's face in this one - "get me out of here."

During this trip Santiago met a horse. Santiago liked him. Here my mom is feeding the horse.

Here, Santiago is saying "The horse is eating."

Santiago was a natural "charro."

He enjoyed the ride.

Looking good.

Picked up some speed here.

Pingo, the pony, was more his size.


SLP..part 1

Well this is a little late, but I wanted to share a little bit of Santiago's first trip to San Luis Potosi (where my fam is from). Breakfast at La Guera...yum. Check out the child seat. Ja ja.

Santiago and all of us enjoyed the pool at our gracious hosts' house -Fernanda and Luigi!

We went for my cousin's wedding (Isabel). She looked beautiful and the wedding was a lot of fun.

Here is the "de la Rosa" clan. Most of us were there.


This is finally being released

About time. The fact that it took so long to come out makes me think it's gonna SUCK. I hope not.

This is probably better:

Party Time

Sorry no photos of ceremony. I was in it and my photographer (Sofia) was not there. Luckily Matt and Stacy have plenty of good shots here. Look at Spooks coming up on them. Spooks.

What are they watching?

Oh, first dance.

Dancing judge.

Peanut gallery.

Dinner was great. They had tons of veggies for me!

Homeless speech.

That's all. Sorry. Congratulations to Erica and Ryan!


Santucas is One

This is kind of a long one, but it contains both Santi's first happy bday song and his first cupcake!

Santi Bday Song and Cupcake from sofiamachuca on Vimeo.

To view it bigger and in HD, click here.


Breakfast with the fam.

Lunch with the some of the Mistas.

Gettin ready for the big event.

Can't be tardy for the party.



Matt and I drove up to JaxTown Saturday. Before the wedding rehearsal, I HAD to make a stop at Jacksonville's only craft brewery to snag an interview.

They are super tiny, but have plenty of room to expand.

Pre-rehearsal dinner drink with the groom and a couple of other dudes.

This guy.


This is the only photo I took during dinner. I was busy entertaining my wedding sweeties. Who has photos of this? I wanna see them. So does Sofia.

Then it was party time. Matt yelling about his fishing stories.