Fishin fo sho

Rafa's photos:

The great Brownsville fishing expidition of 2009.

Our haul.

Rafa and I contemplating a carrer in shrimping.

Javier said it would never work.

These are Javier's photos:

I got the biggest fish.

And the smallest.

Javi got a nice Pompano.

So did El Capitan. But no photo. Javier's bad.


Another Christmas Movie

Untitled from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Santiago is funny as always, here just staring Eric down. But the funniest moment in the video comes when I say "Oooo, caramels" as the camera zooms in on the tree.


Peep this

I know, I know, you are probably wondering right this very moment what I have been up to all weekend by myself. Well here you go:

I saw Bill Callahan tonight. He was amazing. Really. He did a performance of the above song that was easily one of the best live musical pieces I have ever witnessed. Quite quiet, quite perfect.

I shopped. I skated. I felt so old at the skatepark. Not because I was surrounded by pimply preteens, but because I actually FELT old. I was sluggish. My ankles, my knees, they ached. Badly. I hope it was just an off day.

I had posole at the Georgetown Del Castillos last night. It was delicious and a fun time hanging out with fam.

And of course, obviously I had some tasty brews.

Oh and I watched the entire second season of Tudors and started the first season of Dexter.

Worked on this too (much more to come, Mom sent me a lot of old photos):

Have you looked at the entirety of DE? Get on it.


Sunny Santi

I am in Austin right now by myself. Sofi and Santi are in Brownsville, enjoying the sun. I will be there sometime before Christmas. Sometime.




Originally uploaded by aaronchamberlain
This never made it to the blog. This is months ago. Santi is like twice as old as he was here.

Texas Best Burger - Part 3

Remember when I said I am going to eat my way through all of Texas Monthly’s 50 BEST HAMBURGERS IN TEXAS? Well I am still working on it. It's been awhile, but I am back at it.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Burger Tex II's Bulgogi Burger. She's sure aint pretty, but she's damn tasty. Ok, damn tasty is a bit much, she's tasty. And spicy. I had them make it a 2 out of 3, spicewise. From Texas Monthly:
The tender beef has been audaciously marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil, but what really makes it unique is that it’s thinly sliced rather than ground...The bulgogi sauce is a hot, coral-colored blend featuring roasted garlic and onions.
Sofia couldn't handle the spice and got a normal burger. Boring. The Bulgogi burger is good, but it is not what I am looking for in a burger. Sofia's boring burger was actually much better. And she made it better with the addition of avocado. That girl is a genius! Even though the Bulgogi did not deliver for me, the korean spiciness was nice. I can't believe this was so high on the list (#14). The search continues....

As far as I know, Burger Tex does not serve beer. Luckily I had Chris' spicy Holiday homebrew to sip on. It didn't really go well with the burger (I think the spices were clashing), but it made a nice dessert.


SOTY booooo

I do not agree with this year's Thrasher SOTY. Ugly gorilla style. But whatever, right. Party must go on.


getting christmas-y

We've put our tree up. We went tree hunting Wednesday but Aaron couldn't get the pictures off our memory stick (it's gotten messed up), but here it is up in the apartment.

Santiago is really enjoying it.

Here he is in the process of turning around to grab it.

It also snowed on Friday (just barely) and it is really cold. Here are some pics of the frost we had Saturday morning.


Happy Birthday Vickie-G

Vickie-G Dancing from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

It was yesterday. Here is the now THREE year old dancing for us.


Frank Dank

Dinner at Frank with the Dels.

Dog with mac and cheese obviously.

My favorite. A regular chicago dog, well regular if you like your hot dog wrapped in bacon then deep fried.

Santiago feeling ripped off. Milk, that's it, seriously.

Weekend visits are pretty much just a succession of outings to restaurants.



Santiago Crawling, sorta from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Just when I thought I had things under control.

McRib, Where Art Thou

I love gross food. The McRib is one of my all time favorites in the world of fast food. I was thinking about it today and wishing they would bring it back again. I googled it and found this out, according to Wikipedia:
According to the Los Angeles Burger Blog, the McRib will be back beginning November 30, 2009.



SF Weekenders, the Main Event

Saturday was spent all day in Dolores Park for the first annual SF Brewoff.

I don't have a lot of pictures, because I was busy judging the event. Preston, seen here getting instructions from Javier, was the official photographer. Maybe one day we will see those photos, but between you and me, we have a better chance of seeing Gustavo's photos (Del Castillo inside joke).

Crowd begins to gather. Look, there's Laura.

The judge's table.

Peter, the master of ceremonies, lays down the ground rules. Honestly, it gets a bit blurry after this. It was fun. Until next year.

SF Weekenders, pt3

More from that first night. Bromance.


Peter used a whole bottle of lighter fluid on that fire.



The blog is in it's fifth year now. And it's time to take it up another notch. High Quality Video! Well at least quality wise. Content wise, not so much.

We have one of these now, thanks to the Del Castillo's. It was OUR birthday present. Sofia seems to think it was all for her. Not so, sorry Sof.

Now without further adieu, let me introduce our first flip video, Santiago Laughing, what else:


SF Weekenders, pt2, Sightseeing

Pier 7. Famous skate spot.

Chinatown. Is this NYC?

Kerouac Alley....

Which leads us to City Lights Bookstore...

Which leads us to Vesuvio Cafe....





Finally we capped it all off with a night on the town with Javi's buddies.


SF Weekenders, pt1

Heading west.

Preston was my travel partner. He slept the whole time. Annoying.

When we got there we met up at Javier's, dropped our crap off. Javier's roommate, Shrapnel.

Then went to City Beer Store to drink some good brews.

And buy some good brews.