Mexico Day 1

At the airport Santucas was all giggles.

On the plane - another story.

Land in Mexico. Get to the hotel. And guess what.... Taco Time! Dems was some good shrimp tacos.

That's it. It was a short day, traveling, you know how it is. Day two will rock. You just wait.

We are back

More soon. For now, watch this. Santiago was excited about arriving in Mexico. He could not stop looking around. And this was just the hotel room.


See you in a week

Enjoy a week free from Sofia, Santiago y El Machuca. We are leaving for Mexico in 3o minutes. But don't forget about us.

Sofia's packing list....just for Santiago! This kid does not travel light.


Draught House, Two Days in a Row!!

Like the title says, we went to the Draught House two days in a row. Big event in our lives!

The first night was with Daniela, Jason and Jaron. Daniela and Santucas totally coordinated outfits.

Jaron is barely impressed by Santiago. His sister just had twins. We can't compete with that.

The next night we were there for a beer bloggers meetup. Look at how we are shining. It was bloody hot.

I Wanna See This


Are you kidding me

Yogurt Planet, again? Well yeah, if you had 60 days of 100+ heat, I bet yr happy ass would be eating some frozen yogurt too.

Pass that dude around the ring.

Blythe calls frozen yogurt: froyo. That is gross. Don't use that term. I think she does it tongue in cheek so its ok. Like when I constantly tell Sofia, "You go girl!" She hates it.

He is wearing a baseball shirt, but I doubt he will play. His dad sucked at baseball.

Santiago Talking to Some of His Friends



I ain't puttin these photos in order. Sorry, I am being a bum. We go on vacation in four days, but in my head I am already on the beach in Mexico. This is the burger and fries from Parkside. They were hella good and hella salty. Too salty actually, my one complaint. But this was the end of our meal.

One of our starters. Bone marrow and herb salad. Suppppper rich, delicious. We split it between four of us. I had my share, but could not imagine eating this by myself. I could hear my arteries clogging.

"I think we ordered too much food."

Santiago was pumped about being on Sixth street on a Friday evening.

Crab salad. Not bad. I had one bite and was delightfully interrupter by the arrival of the marrow.

Oysters. Good. But I don't think it is cost effective to eat oysters in the middle of a gigantic state like Texas. Especially if they came from the Northeast.

Awhile back I wrote an email to Parkside (having never actually been there) complaining about their crappy beer list. Although it's not top notch now, it has improved greatly.


Willow Santucas Churchill Chamberlainstein XIV

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Willow Santucas Churchill Chamberlainstein XIV

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Willow Santucas Churchill Chamberlainstein XIV

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Last weekend we went down to Daniela's house for burgers, etc. This was one of her last days in the house before moving back to Austin. Haha, inside joke, sort of. I'll explain. She lives so far south it is almost North San Marcos. Yeah, not so funny. I guess you have to be here. Anyway, she is gonna be near us.

You should have seen Jason's charcoal pile. It was a perfect pyramid. I was impressed.

Santiago slept almost the whole time.

Jesse too.

When we go home Santiago was tired from the strenuous Sunday and decided to sleep it off some more.


Foodie Success

Where the marrow was a total failure...

This mess was an astonishing success.


Watch USA v. Mexico

Live Now!



David Gonzales is a sick little kid. Check out this disgustingly, filthy, sick video of him destroying a concrete mini ramp.


Santiago, you have your work cut out for you.


Rollin Hard

Starring Santiago and my legs.


Clubbin 4 Real

Firkin Friday at the Draught House. The Brooklyn IPA was delicious.

But ole Willy Wonka wasn't feelin the indoor crowd.

Much better. Chill.

We sweat and he's in heaven.

He does not quite have kisses down yet. But he does recognize them. He greets every kiss with an open mouth.



None of these photos capture how cute he looked in his new pajamas. But they are still kind of funny.



Two Month Bday 4

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Santiago is about at his limit with all these pictures.

Two Month Bday 3

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Blythe made it out also.

Two Month Bday 2

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Frozen yogurt of course. That place is killin it.

Two Month Bday 1

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Look at those eyes.


Good Day

Paul Rodriguez, an awesome, boring skater. I liked him as a kid, but since he got on Plan B, whatever. Blah style, well, no style. Just tricks.

Look for Lance Mountain, Kobe Bryant and Eric Koston making appearances. Oh and Ice Cube, of course.


Thirsty Thursday #27

Le Fleur, Misseur?
by New Belgium Brewing Co., Ft. Collins, CO
Style: Belgian Pale Ale
ABV: 6.5%

Never heard of this beer. Then one day I am cruising the aisles of Spec’s and this bottle jumped out at me. Maybe because it was sitting next to his brother, La Folie. My first gulp I thought, “(512) One” and then the brett hit me. The brett came across muted, which was nice. Tart, but not cheek pucker tart, just kind of tweek yr tongue tart.

The story behind the name:

Produced for New Belgium coworkers to celebrate our 15th anniversary, Le Fleur has roots in the earliest days of our history. In 1988 founder Jeff Lebesch sat weary on the side of a Belgian road when a young lad passing by picked a delicate yellow flower and offered it to Jeff.

“Le Fleur, Misseur?” Jeff misspelled the boy’s comment in his journal as he accepted the offering. A treasured memory, a beer to treasure.


sittin in the park, waiting for youuuuuuuuuu

Lunch time at the capitol.

Kri came with Sofia and Santiago before flying back to NC.

The trees were barely holding back the bloody sun.

Santiago mostly slept.

Family portrait.

That's more like it, blogwise.