More Bizarre FLA News

Another dent in "family values," whoops.

Sister, you have laid long in the sun

Sick Sun Stuff.

The Pote

The Tallaricos came into town for a few hours. We dined at the deliciously old school El Pote.

These two are pretty much the same.

This is only the second time I've seen Jillian since she moved here. This is not entirely my fault though. She's been busy.

Their time in NY was swift, but they did their best to pump up the local economy.

Especially down in Chinatown, as shown here where Lisa is splitting up her goods. Sofia actually made out well.

Jillian's entry to her apt. It's no 492 Third Street, but it will do.


Return of the Goulash...oh and Don't Forget the Beer

Hi Aaron,

The Cafe Steinhof anniversary party with the Sound of Music
sing along will be held Monday September 25th this year, 7pm until
we are completely debauched.

Manager Cafe Steinhof

Just like last year around this time, Cafe Steinhof was offering free beer and goulash for their anniversary.

We were pretty much the first ones there and had to wait outside till 7pm.

At 7 there was a bum rush for the door. Kyle is lovin that roll.

I dove right in.

We shared our table with the kids.

Kyle totally wants a baby. Kinda puttin the cart in front of the horse buddy.

I hated this kid. (not really)

At 9 they started the Sound of Music sing-a-long.

Ladies man.

This kid kept buggin me. He looks like Pops with curly hair.

Christy and Ernest knew all the words. Jim knew none of em.

Luckily they had subtitles.

Eat it.

Here's my favorite part.

It's so romantic.



Five Years Now

Just arrived home........smashing success..............five years of cafe steinhof.................pictoral evidence to follow............goodnight.


Shared (not so) Sunny Saturdays

Today we went to the new, well sorta new, Apple store uptown.

It's nice, but not as nice as we've heard.

This kid was sweatin for sure. His mom had him in a sweater and gloves. I felt bad for him.

We shared everything today. This morning, after my dentist appt., we shared pancakes. Later, at Cafe Colonial, we shared mussels; they were quite yummy.

Later on for dinner we shared wings and a burger at Bonnie's. To round out the night we split a couple Plymouth and tonics.

All in all it was a very pleasant Saturday.

live blog from the uptown apple store


Rock n Roll You Tube

You Tube really is a great asset. Today I present you with a smattering of fine rock n roll moments found on You Tube. If you watch them all I'd be very happy. Have a great weekend!

Do you ever miss Elliott? I do.

My favorite part from Instrument, the Fugazi DVD. (warning: strong language)

Some soft stuff by Bonnie Prince Badass

More Fugazi!!!!!!!!! Long Division!!!

Wilco performing on Austin City Limits


I woke up fat and almost unhappy

Apparently I'm overweight, well at least according to this stupid website:


I've been swimming for six weeks now and skateboarding all the time. I weigh 180 and I'm 5'11", I look hot now. I gotta get down to 170 to be normal weight; what a load of horse s.

I'm not happy about this.

You know how I know yr gay?




i keep it right here in my mind

Below are five pictures from Javier's Flickr page(s). My only complaint about his page: Where are the photos from when we were together in Germany. BWsssssssssssssssss man.

I love this. Machuca wedding fashion.

The next three are from Thanksgiving last year. The fridge was full, no problem. Beer cooler.

I like this one, because two people, Sofia and Pastor, are in our ridiculously small kitchen. For those that don't know it, take a look. It's about two feet deep and two and half feet wide. Really, Sofia is just leaning in, but we'll count her as in the kitchen. Also, I look best blurred.

All Machuca's were once young, even me.


i slept sweetly unpretending

It's nice that there is some new music still for us ole folks. These four discs all rock in a whole new way:

Bonnie Prince Billy - The Letting Go. Out today.

Magnolia Electric Co. - Fading Trails. This actually kind of rocks in the traditional sense. Released last week.

Yo La Tengo - I am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass. You just have to buy every one of their albums. The title's sick, right? Released last week.

Sparklehorse - Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain. Releases next week.


MC Pizza Night at Grimaldis. Josh was tryin for best beard of the night, but I killed him, obviously.

What follows Grimaldi's? That's right, you got it. Ice cream and pier pictures.

Homeless called me and was defending Entourage. I was caught off guard and did not have all my arguments in line. I still don't like the show. He told me some other ridiculous stuff. (I don't know why this is underlined, blogger is whack.)

Ok, we've seen the pier, what's next?

You are probably thinking Superfine, but you are wrong. We went to Water Street, because they had TVs to watch some game. I destroyed Ernest.

See. That is my celebratory dance.

I hear their calamari is divine.

Gosh, everyone is getting married.

I told Josh he should start a blog. Sure it's not exactly high-brow writing, but at least you'll have 10...maybe 13 readers.

Wilson said, "This way to the door."