We had dinner with Jen and Josh this past Saturday night. We went to Nana and it was yummy. I used to hate sushi, but now I like it, who knew. I ate that one, lookin' straight at you.

Well we made it- 2 years at least. It's been a blast but Aaron says he doesn't know how long he can put up with my s-jaja considering we both have
skater crushes (Aaron's is first & mine is second). We went to this great place by our Food Coop. It's called Scottadito Aaron had this great salad, as did I and then he had veal with yummy stuff on the side and I had handmade raviolli with a mushroom filling. For dessert we shared a tiramisu and some coffee and biscotti.

So cheers to all the married folk (and those who aren't and constitute the majority of our readers)-and hope we make it to our 65th anniversary!
I know, this a weak excuse for a post, but people are asking for updates so here you go. Two things that you should see today.

This is some of the best video I have ever seen. I aslo heard today of a fist fight at Channel 2 News in Orlando. These hurrricanes cause a ruckus.

Next up we have a picture Kristin sent me.

I miss Florida sometimes.


Today was the Back to the Banks deal. There were a ton of people there. The banks were more skateable and will be a lot of fun just as soon as some of these people clear out.

This is at the top of the banks. They put a new rail on the set of stairs. I will never skate this.

And this is the view of the banks looking east, towards the river.

They had best trick contests all day, for a thousand bucks each. This one was on that pillar. Everyone battled for the best wallride combo. This guy was pretty good. Tony Trujillo dropped in from the top, which was insane.

Spanky tried to wallride.

Token cop.
Last night we went over to welcome Cristy back from Texas. She just moved into a new apartment in the East Village. We went to her place to prove we were not jealous.

Anthony came too, and he swore he wouldn't be jealous either. See, here is Anthony and Sofia, just laughin' it up and telling Cristy what a great place it is (but clearly showing no jealousy).

But then it happened, we went outside and all became green with envy. Her 'backyard' is enormous. Obviously, this picture does it no justice, but just trust me. I wanted to immediately call her landlord and offer him a thousand more a month than what Christy was paying. I would. I wouldn't mind Cristy being homeless, that's how great this garden was. Just sick.

Then we went out. We had to forget about her place.

On totally separate note, this morning I noticed how dirty Katzs is in the daylight.


Since the 80s, The Brooklyn Banks have been a Mecca for skateboarders. I was introduced to them back in 1990 in Mike Vallely's part in Public Domain. Ever since then, I wanted to make a trip to skate them. Well it took me 13 years to get there. Now that we’ve lived in NYC for a couple years, I've had the chance to skate them a few times.

But alas, a year ago they were shut down by the city. Luckily, Steve Rodriquez and a few others stepped in to help out New York skaters. They were able to save a large part of the banks, actually making them more "skate-able." Tomorrow they are throwing a big hoopla down under the Brooklyn Bridge to celebrate the Banks' reopening. Sofia and I will be attending the festivities.

This is so lame, isn’t it.

This is the banks before they were closed. I will have pictures tomorrow of the improved Brooklyn Banks.


eek. there are mice in my office.


Best Movie: Probably.

Best Band: Definitely!!
In New York $1288 a month gets you a decent one bedroom apartment and a toilet in front of your building.

I wanted my first contribution to our blog to be amazing....well here it is.


Sofia and I rode down to the industrial section of Park Slope today. Yesterday, while skating, I noticed some things of which I wanted fotos. A building and a flag.

This is the building. This foto is actually enhanced, because I am a crappy photographer and the building came out dark. There used to be buildings all around it and now it sits alone. I guess someone wanted it saved.

This is the flag. This is hung on a pretty much deserted street, only a bus repair shop is near. It needs replacing.

Then Sofia tried her hand at skate photography. You can see downtown, sorta, in the "wallride" foto. On the way home my deck's nose snapped and split in half.
Let's begin. This won't last long, I'm sure. Welcome.