Frank Dank

Dinner at Frank with the Dels.

Dog with mac and cheese obviously.

My favorite. A regular chicago dog, well regular if you like your hot dog wrapped in bacon then deep fried.

Santiago feeling ripped off. Milk, that's it, seriously.

Weekend visits are pretty much just a succession of outings to restaurants.



Santiago Crawling, sorta from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Just when I thought I had things under control.

McRib, Where Art Thou

I love gross food. The McRib is one of my all time favorites in the world of fast food. I was thinking about it today and wishing they would bring it back again. I googled it and found this out, according to Wikipedia:
According to the Los Angeles Burger Blog, the McRib will be back beginning November 30, 2009.



SF Weekenders, the Main Event

Saturday was spent all day in Dolores Park for the first annual SF Brewoff.

I don't have a lot of pictures, because I was busy judging the event. Preston, seen here getting instructions from Javier, was the official photographer. Maybe one day we will see those photos, but between you and me, we have a better chance of seeing Gustavo's photos (Del Castillo inside joke).

Crowd begins to gather. Look, there's Laura.

The judge's table.

Peter, the master of ceremonies, lays down the ground rules. Honestly, it gets a bit blurry after this. It was fun. Until next year.

SF Weekenders, pt3

More from that first night. Bromance.


Peter used a whole bottle of lighter fluid on that fire.



The blog is in it's fifth year now. And it's time to take it up another notch. High Quality Video! Well at least quality wise. Content wise, not so much.

We have one of these now, thanks to the Del Castillo's. It was OUR birthday present. Sofia seems to think it was all for her. Not so, sorry Sof.

Now without further adieu, let me introduce our first flip video, Santiago Laughing, what else:


SF Weekenders, pt2, Sightseeing

Pier 7. Famous skate spot.

Chinatown. Is this NYC?

Kerouac Alley....

Which leads us to City Lights Bookstore...

Which leads us to Vesuvio Cafe....





Finally we capped it all off with a night on the town with Javi's buddies.


SF Weekenders, pt1

Heading west.

Preston was my travel partner. He slept the whole time. Annoying.

When we got there we met up at Javier's, dropped our crap off. Javier's roommate, Shrapnel.

Then went to City Beer Store to drink some good brews.

And buy some good brews.

uh, uh, whattttttt



Halloween party at Daniela and Jason's. Santiago and the DJ had the best costumes.

Worst costumes: Sofia and me. We were supposed to be a farmer and his wife. Get it and Santi was our chicken. Sofia just looked like a lazy roommate of Jason and Danielas who threw on a robe and slunked out of her bedroom for the party. I just looked like a dork.

Santi was the hit of the party. Obviously.

No photos!


Fireside chat.


Birthday Blues

Why blues? I'll tell you why, cuz we are bloody old. This was Sofia's 30th. Daniela brought cupcakes.

Thanks Daniela and Jason.

Jaron, well, thanks for coming out.

Sofia just said, as I type this blog, "You and Jaron are one letter away. And Jaron and Jason are one letter away." You CAN teach an old dog new tricks...........ouch........burn baby burn. Just kidding Sofis, I love you, you're beautiful. But we are old.


Fer/Luig in ATX

Fernanda and Luigi were in town last weekend for a mega triathlon. We went to Enoteca on Friday night. Luigi and I had this pizza. We fought over the last piece with the egg. It was delicious.

We went to watch them run the next morning.

The chaos at the finish line.

Later that night at dinner. Sofia asked me to photoshop Santiago's drool off her shirt. But this blog is all about the truth.

Not sure who this is and why she is holding Santiago. I am guessing she is one of Fer's friends.


Not Halloween

This was the weekend before Halloween. We are a bit behind.


Not sure he is feeling this. I know, put a costume on him. He'll love that.

That's better.

If you can't tell, he is a chicken.