I Love Youtube.com

Just go to youtube.com and search old nes commercial and laugh away.

Oh yeah, on Another Note, Don't Drill in ANWR Dopes

Senators to push for $100 gas rebate checks
Under proposal, every U.S. taxpayer would get one

From Dana BashCNN
Thursday, April 27, 2006; Posted: 5:44 a.m. EDT (09:44 GMT)
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Every American taxpayer would get a $100 rebate check to offset the pain of higher pump prices for gasoline, under an amendment Senate Republicans hope to bring to a vote Thursday...(read more here)

This is so dumb. Keep your stupid $100. What a waste of money. Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm boiling over this. I'm sure the ole d'crats are gonna come up with some hair brained pandering also. Save it.

Get your act together!


Aunt Lisa and Jillian Are on the Blog!!!!

They were super pumped to finally make it here. They were in town to visit The King's College, where Jillian will be attending next fall.

We took them where we always take visitors in Park Slope: Cousin John's.

The whole group of kids visiting the school attended Brooklyn Tabernacle on Sunday and we went along.

Whenever we go home everyone always asks "Have you been to Brooklyn Tabernacle?" Now, finally, I can say yes, we have. This is the famed Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

We also took them to one of our favorite bakeries in the village. We consumed an exorbitant amount of sugar and said goodbye. Thanks Aunt Lis.


But Sofia, It's Only 3 am

"Oh Stew, why did you shave your beard?"

Stew looks upset (why, you ask? I'll tell you--he misses his beard).

I had 4 people in this shot: Ernest, Cristy, Sofia and Leigh. But just as I go to take the picture, some jerk bumped into me and messed up the shot. Tourists.


I don't quite know why Ernest is forcing alcohol on Leigh.


Also amped.

Movin on up.

Ernest, this is for your Myspace page.

Two quotes from Ernest:
1. This place is a total LA bar.
2. I've never seen so many blondes in New York.

So True. So lame.

Ernest, this picture is for Facebook.

What can I say, we are rad dancers.

Annie and Cristy thought they were good enough to enter the dance contest. They were the Avocados.

But this guy was the clear winner.

This güey was a close second.

Ok Sofia, we can leave.

This blog was written by both of us, just so you know.


Ole Two Face

Sofia is totally hating me now that I shaved my beard. When I first came out of the bathroom without it she shrieked in terror.


Pack It In

I couldn't choose which photo to use, so you get both.

We made plans to meet up with Tessa in Providence for brunch.

In Providence, some stairway at Brown University.

Near Brown. Ivy League brats.

Broken Glass, usually a bad sign, but the restaurant turned out to be quite yummy. Good photo Javier, GEEZ, this is a professional sight we are trying to run here, get it right!!

When we got back to Narragansett, we killed the park.

Prediction: Javier will be better than me by the end of the summer. Who cares.

Then we went to the beach. We were trying to cram everything in before getting back on the bus.

I refused to walk on the beach. Just what I need, my shoes full of sand for my ride home. I don't think so.

Ask Javier, I don't know what this is, besides a tower.

Pedro Martinez gets 200th victory

Unfortunately ole Larry wasn't playing.


Extreme Makeover: Ironman Edition

On Saturday, we went to some little town in Rhode Island for Javier's extreme makeover.

This is before his makeover. Now that he has finished the Ironman, he's on to conquer skateboarding.

He got a pair of Emerica Reynold's and an Anti Hero tshirt. Now it's shred time.

Next up, Mystic Seaport.

Kinda boring, but look at that guy behind Sofia.

The gift shop was the best part.

That's a hook, son.

We were so bored in Mystic, CT, we decided to take a drive around the local cemetery.

I told Sofia I want something big like that for my plot.

I guess this was kind of nice.

We didn't find Mystic Pizza, but I've heard it's not that great anyway.

On the Mystic bridge. We're havin' fun now.

This is like a commercial for Mystic. After seeing this photo, I know all of you will be rushing to visit.

Finally, something we can relate to.

This place was like Erin Pub in Bryn Marr, PA, but a bit classier.

I figure if I were a total jerk, this is what I'd look like.

Ironman turned thrasher.

We decided to skate after lunch but it had rained, oh well. I guess that sick spine will have to wait till tomorrow for its thrashing.

Who designed this beautiful specimen. I'd like to shake his hand (read: punch him in the stomach).

The sight seeing was exhausting, besides Sofia and Javier were doing boring tax stuff. The whole time we were doing taxes last week I kept getting frustrated and yelling "Who cares, just fill it in. If it's wrong, big deal!! I hate this crap!!" Sofia is a saint for putting up with me.

I had enough. I'll be downstairs playing a little billiards.

Come on guys, quit that junk. Look at me, Look at me.

Thank God it finally ended. Check out Javier's shirt. Kelly is not totally sold on his recent conversion to skateboarding.