Capt. Pops took us out in his boat Saturday (two weeks ago).


Sofia tried her best to fight the sun.

Kevin, what happened to yr beer?

Frank the Tank in full effect.

Jump Around Steezy

Cross Bone Style

Double Tuck Style

Cannonball Style

Flying Pig Style

Double Style

Loco Style


This just in...

WOHS Class of '98 Reunion Cancelled
Body: I am re-posting this from Iyanna.....

From: Iyanna
Date: Jul 24, 2008 1:02 AM

Despite receiving well over 200 responses from people saying that they were interested, I haven't received nearly enough money to cover all of the costs. So I am going to have to cancel the reunion. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone so I'm really bummed out. Maybe its the economy. If you submitted your payment via Paypal, I will be issuing you a refund, net of the Paypal fee, this weekend. The Paypal fee is $0.30 + 2.9% of the amount that you paid. If you sent your payment through the mail, I will be sending it back to you. Maybe everyone can still get together on an informal basis (meet up at City Walk), but what I had planned just won't work with the number of people that sent money in. No one can say that I didn't try... :-(


Iyanna Holmes

Wow, has this ever happened. I hadn't planned on going, but this kind of sucks. I know a few people who already had bought tickets and everything. Oh well.

See you again in ten years!!

The Official Vickie-G Post



Mama and the cousins following Papa's funeral.

Although a pretty awful event to gather for, we had a lot of fun together. It is not often we are all in one place.

Later that evening, we fatted it up at Five Guys burgers.

Tasty stuff.


Even later at Mooncrickets, the finest of bars in da WG.

I seriously thought about stealing Ryan's new iphone.

No home.


Patio de Banderas

Ever wish you were some place else? Just for a day?


Oldie Olsen

Daniela's 29th Bday before we left for Orlando.

Thanks Gordo and Hilda.

Somewhere bet. Brownsville and Austin

Weeks ago.

O it don't rain anymore

I go outdoors

Where it's fun to be

And I know you love me

I know you do