A not-soon-to-be forgotten Thanksgiving

Having family over for the Holidays always makes things better. Thanks for coming everyone.

The Waffles Made Me Do It.

So we went shopping, big deal. It wasn't my idea, but I had nothin' else to do.

Here's a hint: It was her idea.

Billy's building was lit up bright style.

5th Ave. was packed, mostly with tourists. Maybe it's because I grew up ten minutes from Disney World, but I love tourists.

See, she's still shopping.

That's me. We ate dinner in a cave.


The Greatest

Cat Power's latest album comes out in January. Matador Record's has the title track on their website. I'm already putting it in the top 5 Albums of 2006. FOR REAL SON!

The Fat Boys are Loose

On Friday we avoided the crowds at the stores and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are showing Van Gogh's drawings and we heard it was a must see. I always thought a must see is Tony Trujillo dropping-in on the pillars at the Brooklyn Banks, but what do I know.

Look who we bumped into on Park Ave. A real life FAT BOY!!! Awesome.

The Met was undergoing a face lift of sorts. Uh-oh, it seems to be a bit crowded.

No crap! It was crazy style, I've never seen the place so packed. That theory of us avoiding the crowds flew right out the window.

Not only was the Met packed, it was also haunted. Ghosts abound.

This is a sample of what we saw. Nice.

I must say a rather artistic rendering of an F train sunset. Just look at those colors.


This Stuff is Not Happening, It Happened Wed. Night

Javier arrived, hungry and thirsty, last night. Since it was like 20 degrees we wanted to go somewhere within two blocks. Two Boots fit the bill quite nicely.

This place is usually crawling with kids, but we were there after 9 pm. It was much nicer without a thousand kids, but the people in the booth behind us farted as they left. That was not nice.

This is the bartender Ann, she was lurkin on us.

So then we went over and lurked in her area.

Javier even helped her clean up. She resisted.

Then Sofia had to seriously lurk on her. That is Ann's boyfriend drinking fancy water out of the bottle. I think he hated us. Oh and she is in a band too and they are playing the 169 Bar (I think on East Broadway) coming up sometime.

Javier and I went to the Gate afterwards.

This dude had a sick shirt, but bad music choices.

...Javier was diggin' his music.


Aaron is at Jury duty. I will recap our day.

Turkey's make me cry.

So do these two.

After putting the turkey in the oven we went out to get some air.

Javier can still skate. sort of.

Javier and Pastor bought Aaron some ice cream, that's all he can handle.

Of course the guys were no help whatsoever.

Well Aaron did put the marshmallows on the yams.

As is customary, we had too much food.

Javier found this bug crawling among his things this morning, I had to show you, this thing was freaky.


Night Court

Jury Duty has been a real pain in the arse. It's a bunch of sitting around until the Assistant District Attorneys get their crap straight. And once they do, we hear a half hearted impression of Law and Order. Next, if you could only hear our deliberations, oh man, people are dumb. I don't want to sound cruel, but the great people of Brooklyn just aren't that swift. I'm over it.

My prison.

You can't beat it.

Lovely Camden Plaza, best place in Brooklyn to cruise. No pushing needed.

Finally, the worst part of Jury Duty, going into work afterwards. This is the view from my office. Weak, no?


25 Years of the Dark Stuff

The best perk of my job is getting certain magazines in advance from our printer. Our printer just happens to print my favs, THRASHER, you know, as in MACHUCA!

So pumped to have the 25th Anniversary Issue.

25 Years of Skate & Destroy


Tourist Time

I buy all my pants at H & M. (El Machuca said this)

Sofia says H&M makes cheap clothes. But that is precisly why I like them. (this too)

Amituofo. Welcome to the Temple.

Aaron faked this picture...the background totally gives it away.

This is his new favorite place. They give him free food.


All the Stupid People are Breeding

This past Saturday night (I know, It's old, give me a break, Jury Duty has been killin' me) we met Rahul, Tessa, Leela and Anthony in Chinatown for a feast.

Somewhere between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Good idea, ice cream (check out the coats).

Fish snuggle.

Buon Natale.

Sofia wanted me to put this up here as a hint for a Christmas gift. Not really.

The Grand Jury Duty blows. I work all day there then go into the city to do work at Thomas Publishing. I promise this thing will be better in two weeks, when things calm down and I can "make with the funny."


Skate - Park

They say this is not a good year for fall foliage, something about the colors being muted. I do think they were a lot better last year. But today, we went hunting for nice colors anyway.

Welcome to Prospect Park. It's better than Central Park, at least that is what we tell ourselves.

Sofia made this discovery.

I found this sick spot to pracite heelfips, smack dab in the middle of the park.

Another shot of Sofia's discovery.

Dora the Explorer says "Hooray for nature!!!!"

More scenery.

More shredding.

Sofia is very proud of this picture.

Check out that sky. Perfect day.