Later....(alt. title: New Board #3)

Later we met Heather and Kyle for bocce and brews.

Ernest took this and was quite proud of it.


Crazy future sneakers.

Later we went to the Gate. See that guy in the orangish red shirt? Javier remix.

Anti Hero John Cardiel - 7.9" x 31.25"

Tastes good.

Pretty sure he was over it.

Sofia too. It's tough hangin' with me.

Thrashing Foodage

Mudd again.

Behind the flowers somewhere is Sofia and Cristy.

Jimmy's again.

It was good.

Sharing a chocolate peanut butter bomb on the subway. See that crazy dude with the white hat. That's future Stew.



It's pretty clear that my picture (B) is better than Aaron's pic. If he tells you otherwise he's crazy.


Fat Times

For Fat Tuesday I dragged Sofia to the gate for a beer.

Aaron/Sofia foto contest. Ok, blog reader interaction time. Choose, by commenting (come on it's really easy just do it), which picture is
better A or B:




More George

George invited us over for dinner Sunday night. I think he just wanted to show off his new threads.

Check out those kicks.

We had a good dinner, but a sorta lousy dessert.

Annie and Cristy did'nt mind.

The following day we visited Cristy at work.

She was well pleased.


Ernest came over and entertained us. He is really into some new card trick.

After that we hit up Union Hall.

Sofia and I totally dominated.

The place was crawling with celebrities...look-a-likes anyway. D'Angelo from The Wire was hanging out. Then there was the older brother from Party of Five or as Ernest calls him: Dr. Jack. We killed him on the courts. Oh and an older version of Stand by Me fat Jerry O'Connell.



Sorry Ladies...

...but Matt has been slayed. This post is kind of late. Matt and Stacy are to be wed June 30th, but more importantly his bachelor party in Florida is coming up in April!

Leaving Lancaster

Chris' first day.

Lucy attacked Victoria.

Sushi was sad.


Lancaster Rules

We drug Kristin out of bed for hours of Scatagories and then a drive through the sights and times of Lancaster, PA.

Most of you know this, Aunt Lisa is a wild driver. It's always a thrill riding up front.

Old skool. I used to be a baby here.

Lancaster Skate Park. Chris and I had to jump the fence, because the park was closed and filled with snow.

I think I did ok, considering the board I was riding was one I left in PA four years ago and has been outside the entire time.


Uh, Catch Up

After Stoudt's and the mall.

We killed some pie.

Later. Kristin went wild.

Darts. Obviously.


I'm on the high side of moderation...

On of our main objectives while in Lancaster was to visit Stoudt's Brewery. Chris was all over it.

Even the girls came. Lucky them.

We've arrived.

Whoops, wrong entrance.

Ok, there we go.

Waiting for the tour to begin.


They had some old car.

The tour was more like a sermon of beer, given by the holy pope of brew: Ed Stoudt. He is one of my heros.

We had beers and appetizers afterwards.

Later we went to the mall. It gave me a headache.