Sofia's B-day (Part 3)

Compare that cake (apple tart) to the one Sofia made for my birthday. Don't give me any grief, I walked 15 blocks at 8am to get that thing.

Sofia's B-day (Part 2)

Over the past three years, Sofia and I have cultivated a tradition of sorts. Every October 29th, her birthday, we've gone to Grimaldi's. This will be a hard tradition to keep going when we are not living here, but I guess we will have to try.

Even some fellow MCers were there, Kyle and Heather.

Nighttime version of a picture I already have.

We went to a Halloween party after Pizza. Ernest went as me.

Sofia thought about going as a Lion Tamer, but I hate cats.

Assorted Halloween revilers. Notice, Ernest change costumes.

Sofia and I just decided to go as the sweetest couple ever. I mean, look at us, ssooooooooooo sweet!

Some geek was there trying to dance.

The Christmas lights are already up in Park Slope. They have been for a week.

I tackled that Mickey balloon on the way home. Stupid mouse.


Sofia's B-day (Part 1)


After running some errands, we went to the Gate to play darts. I beat Sofia. Happy Birthday!


The Truth (with Jokes)

Last night we went to the Union Square Barnes and Noble to see Al Franken speak. It was pretty good. He told my favorite story of his, about his Father's last days. He has a new book out, which I am sure I won't read. I don't agree on all of his politics, but I feel he is sincere. He sometimes gets painted as an angry loon, but I think he's good people.


Lifestyles of the Rich and Middle Class

Brian and Jake flew their private jet in from the Hamptons this weekend to buy their winter furs and a new poodle for Buffy, Jake's girlfriend. They may not look like it, but they are very fancy, classy millionaires....no Billionaires! Sorry for such blurry pictures. We suck at picture taking.

Just look at them. CHA-CHING!!

Meanwhile, us lowlifes dined at Olive Tree Cafe, the cheapest place in the Village.

Ernest is a lowlife too, but he tries to dress the part of an aristocrat.

This is the best picture of me since our wedding. The book blocks my pudgy neck. Perfect

See this umbrella. There is no way Brian or Jake would risk life and limb to run into the street for a free umbrella. But me, I'm in that street before you can say cheapskate.


Anti Random

The following is a barrage of pictures from Cristy's camera. These are from the past few months and are in semi-chronological order. Enjoi!


Now-a-days I get all my reading from the streets. There are always stoop sales going on here in Park Slope and they never sell all their books. That is when I swoop in and dig through the remains. I've found some good books this way (Lord of the Flies, A Short History of Charleston, The Night in Lisbon and the Art of Brewing Beer). Lately I have been looking for a book on the basics of upholstery. I've yet to see anything in the gutters so we tried Barnes and Noble, but they got nothin'. We had to go slumming.

The lack of a magazine rack really brings this place down. They didn't have anything and neither did their neighbor 7th Avenue Books.

I think I am going to have to turn to stupid Amazon. They have a jillion books and this is the one I am going to order.


Hungry Style

I'm starving. Jessica's (my sister) wedding is coming up and yesterday I tried on my suit. Of course, the pants don't fit. Now I'm on a diet. My diet is basically starving myself until I give in, then I eat a snickers or whatever is at hand. It's not great, but I think it's working. I told Sofia it's working and she said, "Oh you already feel thinner?"

"No, I feel empty."

Last night, to start my diet out right we went to Grimaldi's. I kept it light and only had 3 slices, which is a small amount, for real. After, we went to Superfine.

This is for Ernest's MySpace page.

The usual suspects, plus Oscar in from Notre Dame.

You decide. Is this guy a Southerner? Sofia and Ernest bet he is, but were too chicken to approach him and ask. I'm torn, he may be.


Saturday is my third favorite day.

This Sat. Sofia had a mission.

We went all over the city looking for shoes. It was no big deal, but I hate when I'm in, say Macy's, and other dudes are looking at me kind of giving me the "Yeah, I know man, we're the same. Our girls are dragging us around and we have to shop with them." These portly, sullen characters are not like me. I wish they wouldn't look at me like that. I'm not bored. Sure, shoe shopping is not high on my list of Saturday activities, but I know how to entertain myself. I've had a lot of experience as a youngster shopping with women. I grew up with three women, I know what to do in these types of situations. Anyway, the reason there is no picture of Sofia shopping is because she was so upset after finding no suitable shoes. Sorry Sofia.

Sofia bought us lunch. I bought us dinner. Since I was buying I was picking the restaurant. My choice: Cafe Steinhof. MMMMM!!

We tore up some mussels. We always saw people ordering these, but we never had. I felt we should splurge and it was worth it. They were sick. And I mean sick the way extreme athletes use it, which is more meaningful, I think.

They also had a new black beer. It was good too.

This blog is going down hill. Is it boring? We don't care, just look at us.


Possibly the Most Boring Post Ever

It's been raining for six days now. It's made for a rotter (I'm rereading The Sun Also Rises) of a week. We have been avoiding the coop, but the rain let up so we bit the bullet. This is a brief glimpse into our secret society, THE PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP. It's the largest food coop in the nation, boasting over 10,000 members. And it's a great place to meet people, if you like people who have trouble with most menial tasks (e.g. rotating produce). I'm sorry, that's kind of harsh. A large minority of us know what we are doing, like 11 percent.

You might call this an establishing shot. One might. I wouldn't. It's just Union Street below 7th Avenue. Let's go inside.

Only two of my fotos from inside came out ok. This is the first. Johnson's helping his grandmother Ellis get the Swiss cheese from the top shelf. Just kidding, I have no idea who these people are, but that's a pretty good cheese shelf, eh?

I'm mad cause they only have 24 different types of oatmeal. Don't get me started on the organic almonds.

That's it. The coop is nice, but they don't have real peanut butter (Skippy). They only have that natural stuff, gross.