More Bad Pictures

On Friday night Ernest, Collin and I went to see Jeremy Lister (formerly of Geronimo Rex) play at the worst club in NYC, the Cutting Room.

The Cutting Room is partly owned by Chris Noth (Mr. Big from Sex and the City), who has a gigantic poster of himself in the club. What kind of a jackass puts up a huge picture of himself in his own club? A big one, jackass that is.

Saturday, Sofia and I were sweatin' it up at Brighton Beach. As a comparison I put the images next to the ones we took during this past winter's blizzard. Click on the pictures to see them larger.



The other day we had dinner at Cristy's apt. She is moving and we wanted one last hurrah in her backyard. Her salmon was divine, and she didn't ask me to mention it....I swear.

On Thursday night Cristy's job had a party.

The place was hot as Hades. We were sweatin' like pigs.

They had one drink choice: vodka.


World Cup Craziness in the Old World

The lost post.......

Even in Munich, you can run into Brownsville people. Enrique and his crew passed by while Sofia and I were watching the Germany/Sweden game.

Sofia and I were on our own. The rest of the family were actually at the game. It was still pretty fun, seeing Germany play in Munich while we were there.

Germans were going crazy. The argument these two brothers were having quickly turned to fisticuffs.

Yeahh, Germany won!!

Munich went crazy.


Mexico/Argentina was later that night. We hooked back up with the fam and watched that game at a restaurant. Check out George (see past post for more)!

Street carnage.

Mexico lost, but that didn't stop Javier.


Calm down buddy, you guys are gonna lose soon.

Mas compadres.

The following pics are from Javier's (The Dad) camera:

Like I said they actually went to the game. Punks. Check out the Munich Stadium, it's sick!

The Stadium closer.

Germans were pumped.

Action shot.

Hans and Havier.

Another Hans and Leti.

They won.

Cops love Javier.

So do drunk Germans, although I have a feeling those two are actually Americans.



This past Sat. we went to see Daniel in Poughkeepsie. The Youngs, Steve and Julie also came.

So you know, this walk is leading us to an ole fashion swimmin' hole.


We then took a walk through the forest.

Last of the Mohicans style.

Crazy wildlife.

Daniel told us: "We wade from here."

Steve joined in.

Eventually, all (most) of us made the jump. After this the cameras were left behind and waterfalls greeted us. It was quite fun. Later it rained like mad and the cameras got wet, oh well.

Rides back home.

Sunset train to NYC.