Sassy pregnant lady.

Sassy dad.

Total carnage. I killed him and his buddies.

Nicky gave us a bunch of food. This is only a portion of the take.

Last Thursday I was supposed to win a kegerator. It did not happen, but we did have a lot of fried food. This was all Blythe's.

Preggy Preggerson was craving wings. Mission accomplished.

No Bloglove

Sorry folks. I was gonna hit you up with a mega update last night, but got busy:

1. Skate at the not so psycho Psycho Ditch
2. Wash some dishes and assist with cooking dinner
3. Rosetta stone
4. Dinner

5. and the real reason nothing got done yesterday. This came on PBS last night. I love me some crazies....


How Come I Have Never Seen This 'Til Now?


The new Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham) CD is out for yr listening pleasure. I bought tickets to his June 6th show here in Austin. One problem. The baby is due JUNE 1! Whoops. But I had to buy them just in case. We'll see.

Willy is kind of blowing up. I saw a review of this CD in Entertainment Weekly. I was shocked. Is he the next Cat Power...you know the person all yr friends would wonder why you would ever listen to, then three years later they blasting em on their iphones. Time will tell.


Big Deal

So my ex-coworker played live on Conan. I am not jealous. I swear.


Last Few Day Roun' Here

Sofia is still growing strong. Well I guess the baby is growing. He/She is a wild one.

Sofia went crazy and bought tons of cheese. Who knows why....maybe the recession is getting to her....thought she might stock up just in case there was some kind of run on cheese.

The weather was perfect this weekend. This photo was taken seconds before I jumped from the bridge into the creek.

Taxes. Gross.

The Ginger Man closed. Fear not. They are opening in their new location (half a block away) in two days. This was closing day. They had Saint Arnold's Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout on cask

Our crib came today! Stay tuned for pictures of the beast put together.




Fast forward four years. The kid's gonna be bugging me all the time: why this, why that. Thank God we live in the future. "Google it boy (or girl)."


Food Report: Brownsville

I demanded a new restaraunt. Eric came through. The menu.

Building. Nothing to look at, that is for sure.

The shrimp cocktail was ok, but the ceviche was rockin.

Mommy approved. Aunt too I guess.

Sopa de Mariscos. Yum.



Geoff video deleted. Google it.


Two real live paddys, Pat-y and Steve-y. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Stay home if yr smart, which I am not. We are gonna go to Ginger Man.


Old School

We are in Brownsville for a baby shower this weekend. I stumbled upon this photo. Five and half years can age a brother. Check out Pop's earing. Ha.


29 Weeks

29 weeks and the bebe is getting pretty big.

Which explains the bump. But it will never explain those pants. I kid, I kid, lovely pants Sofia.



Sunday in Georgetown.

The Del Castillo's threw us a mini shower of sorts.

Yeah! A baby tub!

And a cake for me.

Oreo. Double Stuffed. hahahahahhahahahha! Man, I'm cracking myself up here.



Sonic Youth's 16th album, 'The Eternal', will be released on vinyl, compact disc, and digital album by Matador Records on June 9. Produced by John Agnello and the band, 'The Eternal' not only marks Sonic Youth's return to the independent label sphere (titles on their own SYR label excepted) after a long association with Geffen, but more importantly, ranks as one of their more inspired efforts in a 28 year career.

This guy kind of disapeared. I still like him. Happy Friday!


Pops and Laurie, 2-28-09

Sorry for being lazy. If you don't want to watch the entire slideshow, browse the photos here: