Under the Sea

We went to Sea World a couple of weeks ago.

Santi dug it all.

He wanted to go on the Shamu Express.

But......aint happening.

Grover's carousel was a go though!



And the man of the hour.

I forgot how impressively big these dudes were.

Santi got hot.

I can't believe I am part of this now.

Santi loved the penguin exhibit. Not the penguins, but the people mover. He rode it like 30 times. He ran it, rather.

A Small Gloat

Austin Monthly included Austin Beer Guide in October's HOT LIST! I think it's fitting we are in the "Beauty" Issue. I've never seen a more beautiful group of dudes.

More real blogging later. I promise.


Lame Spain, lame. Whatever, moving on. Read this book.


Baby Weekend

Harris came down to Austin for the weekend. He brought his parents too (Stacy and Matt). What is Harris looking at?

This monster.

After breakfast, Santi drove us to the park.

He got lost.

Santi, after a bit of a fight, gave Harris the wheel.

Lost again. Let's just go swimming.

We walked down to the ghetto free part of Barton Springs.

The kids did not seem to mind.


Euro Beer #20: Westvleteren 12

In the fall of 2007 my wife and I traveled through Europe for 10 weeks. We ate a lot of food and drank of a lot of beer (and wine). Not enough food, not enough beer. Still tripping around in Brussels:

Beer has come a long way (even since 2007). Westvleteren 12 was back then, and even now mostly, considered the best beer in the world. I bought one in Brussels. I should have bought more. But again, we were still being cheap; it was still early in our trip.

We drank it at our host's apartment. It was good. The photo, not so good.

Here is some other stuff we did the following day:

Coffee and croissants at Gusti D'Italia. It was quite pleasant until a delivery truck came up and idled by us for 5 minutes. That was not so pleasant.

Then we went walking in the forest. I was the tour guide.

On our walk we scarfed some of our Pierre Marcolini chocolates (do not click this link unless you want an insane web experience). So fancy.

Then Oups for soups. This place is awesome. Definitely go here if you are ever in Brussels.

My soup. I got a big bowl. Sofia got two small bowls. I win.

ACL Starts Today


Meeting Elmo

Yeah this happened yesterday. Santiago was blown away. More on that later. I still need to put up photos from the High's visit.


Real Work

This is the pull out cover (gate-fold) for the first issue of Texas Monthly I worked on. Tomorrow starts week four of the October issue (meaning the week we send the magazine to printer). It's been pretty wild. But I finally think I am starting to see how everything works.

Beer Work

I'm going to the Great American Beer Festival at the end of this month. To get the masses excited, we have been running a series of short interviews over at Austin Beer Guide. We are calling it GABF Pep Rally. Check it out. More to come throughout the month.


Brad Staba-ing

I love this video part. I watched it a billion times in college. It also got me into Sonic Youth. Nothing mindblowing. Just good stuff.