Sometimes you just get in a mood. Today I am in an Iron Maiden mood. Who knows why...

Thank God for youtube though:



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I am not sure if Santiago is yelling or yawning. I am guessing he is trying to spit fire at Jess. Not sure why though.

Santucas and Mama

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I am guessing this was their last day in Austin. I was at work.

Like Father Like...

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At breakfast with Mama and Jess this weekend. It will be awesome when he can hold his head up and I get at least one free hand.

4 more weeks of work then...


Name That Surfer

Hint: If you are a part of the Young family, you have an obvious advantage. He is Mama's cousin.


Part Tea

Daniela's 30th Bday party last Saturday night.

Of course Santiago was a hit.

Pass him around. No pictures of the Bday girl. Whoops.

The after party.

Sofia combed Santiago's hair like Geoff's


Foodie Failure

Last night we attempted to make Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad ala St. John.

With limited success. The bones were not exactly the right type. I'm thinking we need femurs next time.


Santiago Lately

I know it's my kid and all, but come on, this dude is cute.

The after bath glow. He loves any kind of heat. Hot water. Hot air. Totally a TX summer baby.

Is that Morrissey, no no its Santiago. Stylin.

Are you kidding me. This little dude has a passport already. I did not get mine until I was 24. There should be a rule, if you can't hold a passport you don't need one. Santiago is ready for Mexico in August.

Yesterday we went for sushi with Blythe. Santiago skipped the sushi and went for the bottle.

It was bloody hot in there, como Brooklyn.


Remembering Papa

I wanted to put this up for posterity's sake. It won't always be available online, but it will be here. Click image to see larger.

Spike Smiths

Check out Spike Jonze skating (orange beanie). You think any other hollywood director has skate chops? NO.

Go here if video does not work:http://www.vbs.tv/blog/beauty-the-beast-part-2-1-2

Tree Down

A giant, old oak tree fell at my parents the other day.

Luckily it did not hit the house.

It sat feet from their bedroom. That would have been an awesome wake up call.


Sheckler Sucks, Admit It

Sure he is rich as hell, but this is the reason he will never get any respect from skateboarders.




Doing some quick catch up. This was July 4th weekend. Eric and Leti were in town. We cooked out. This is us enjoying our works.

Then we sat around outside and sweat.

Santiago loves the heat.

Later, downtown. We were swimming before this. No pictures I guess.

Fireworks. Boring. I took a billion pictures just like this one. Cloggin up my computer.

July 5th. They left. But posed for pictures first.



Santiago will crush you. Just ask Javier.

Crush you with cuteness and his tiny fists of fury.

Man Gored to Death by Bull in Pamplona Run

We were in Pamplona in October. It was beautiful. I've heard that during the San Fermin festival it is an unbearable mess. Regardless I would still love to go one day. Maybe with ole Santiago. First father-son trip. Well, maybe when he is a bit (a lot) older.



GI Joe - Amazing Escapes

Slate has a great piece today on "Wonderfully absurd escapes from mortal danger in the original G.I. Joe cartoon." Make sure you watch the videos as well.



Fireworks Suck

I've always told Sofia this. That is watching them. I like lighting them, but sitting there watching them is lame. Happy Fourth of July!
This guy agrees.


Mom and Dave Visit

This is a special link for Mom, but you all can use it. Enjoy.


All Hail Cardiel, Forever

Epicly Later'd - Beauty and the Beast Tour 1/10. This is what I will be watching for the next ten weeks. The best part is three quarters of the way through the video: Cardiel mowing his grass. SIIIICCCCKKKKKK!!!

Thirsty Thursday #26

Guinness 250th Anniversary Stout
by Guinness Ltd, Dublin, Ireland
Style: Irish Dry Stout
ABV: 5%

I've had it on tap and from a bottle. I prefer the bottle version better. Come on though, 250 years and another slightly boring dry stout. Seriously. Give me a double stout, a chocolate stout, a milk stout, something a bit different. A bit special. Don't get me wrong, it's enjoyable, but I think 250 years calls for a little more pomp and circumstance.