Belly Report

23 Weeks in.

Getting there.

23 Weeks

Sofia is pregnant. Did you forget? Anyway, she is 23 weeks along. The baby is kicking/punching/headbutting more and more. Updates on Sof's belly later.

why, why, why

This is sooooo stupid, stupid sounds a little harsh...no, stupid is the correct word.


New Regime

Oh yeah. Pushups. And situps are part of my plan to fit in my tux next month. YOU CAN DO IT!


New Casita Take 2

Ok, I got the video to work. Sorry the video is so dark. It was late afternoon on an overcast day.
The basics:
-2 bedroom
-Covered porch
-Washer, Dryer in unit (oh yeah!!!)
-Still close enough to bike and bus to work


New Casita

So this is our new apt. It's the bottom floor of this house. This was supposed to be a video, but the video didn't not upload from our camera correctly. I'll have th tour maybe tomorrow.


Animal House

The usual Sunday tradition, playing with dogs in Georgetown.


Hey horse, come here!

Horse whisperer.

Inauguration of President Barack Obama

Pretty much awesome photos from yesterday.

Some competition for Anderson's maybe.

BeerAdvocate/Dogfish Head

BeerAdvocate's sixth annual Extreme Beer Fest is coming up in February. Along with the fest, Dogfish Head and the BeerAdvocate will be brewing a new beer:

Speaking of raising the bar, the Alström Brothers are scheduled to brew a limited release beer on December 9 with Sam Calagione and Lead Brewer Bryan Selders at the original Dogfish Head brewpub on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.
BeerAdvocate recently had a contest to name the beer. Users were urged to email their best name. The entries were widdled down to the top ten. Now the BeerAdvocate users are voting on those top ten names.

Info on the beer being brewed:

Inspired by a shared love and respect for America's extreme beer movement, Italy's emerging craft beer scene, and the kitchen sink attitude and devilish drinkability found in Belgian brewing, the collaborative recipe is the result of numerous emails and phone calls discussing the ingredients, final characteristics, and new ways to look at extreme brewing. Jason, Todd, Sam, and Bryan each provided unique spins to ensure maximum off-centeredness and deliciousness.
- Maple Syrup (Grade A, Massachusetts)
- Chestnuts
- Green Peppercorns
- Korean Corn Tea "Oksusu-cha"
- Fawcett's Maris Otter Base Malt
- Dash of MFB Kiln Coffee Malt
- Liberty & Vanguard hops
- Dogfish Head's Raison D'Etre House Yeast Strain
- Aiming for 8% ABV
My entry , are you ready for it, was: Cornucopismo

Come on. That is good, right? Definitly worthy of a place in the top ten. Think again. I guess they did'nt get it or it's just really stupid. Here are the top ten:

Charlie Foxtrot
The Manticore
Moby Dick
Sinzibuckwud Nigrum Oksusu-cha
Silk Road Vanguard
Dongji Sunrise Fusion
Up Up Down Down Left Right
Left Right BA Select

Seriously? Oh brother. I'm not going to complain, but I have major problems with some of those names (I mean...two variations on Reinheitsgebot). Oh well.


Saturday we met Daniela for burgers at Hut's. The place was packed. Dumb students.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby!



Looks fake. I've heard everyone got out. Amazing


Thirsty Thursday #18

Shiner 100 - Commemorator
by Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, TX
Style: Dopplebock
ABV: 6.7%

I got five left. Anyone wanna trade?

Shiner is 100! To celebrate their anniversary they’ve released this stark bier, or dopplebock. It looks good, smells ok, but the flavor just ain’t there. I say go ahead and try it. I mean come on 100 years, that is pretty cool. Just don’t expect it to touch Ayinger’s Celebrator.


Euro Memory #1

New blog feature!!!! Taking a look back at some of our favorite moments from our 2007 European Jaunt.

Episode 1 takes place in Barcelona, Spain on the day before we left to come back to the US. The entire trip I had been joking around with Sofia that I was going to get a cheeseburger from MacD's. She did not think it was funny, which made me think it was hilarious. So I kept up the bit. Finally in Barcelona, with only a day left, I made my move.

I went in, ordered my cheeseburger and "drat!" I did not have enough shekels. So I went back outside to borrow some from Sofia. She was not having it. She begged, "Just go get a regular hamburger. Why do you have to get a cheeseburger? This is so stupid." I laughed, "I hate regular burgers from here, but their cheeseburgers, they are delicious." I ducked back inside with no extra money and nixed the cheese. I emerged, still victorious. Sofia smirked.

This is it. It tasted the same.


Ale and Whale

On Saturday night Flying Saucer had it's first anniversary party. We were there on day one actually, by accident. I am still very far from my plate being on the wall, but that won't stop me from trying. Give me three more years. They had Sierra Nevada Anniversary ale for $1!!!!

We escaped the chaos at the saucer and ended up at Quality Seafood Market for dinner. First time. Now it is one of my top five favorite Austin restaurants.


I can't understand 99%, but it was our favorite show in Spain. Sofia loves it more, obviously.


Heel Bruises for Days

Not to mention rolled ankles. But at least I will look good.


I Have My Suspicions

The latest photo of the baby. 20 weeks in. Half way there. Sofia is doing great. We are not finding out the sex, but I must say after seeing the above picture, I do have my suspicions.


We are not dead. You may have thought we were. Still here. Skating lazily through the weekends.



Ready to die.


Ready to eat.

Instead of bibs. We wore my old tshirts.


More carnage.