New Board #2

Anti Hero John Cardiel - 7.81" x 31.75"


Merry Christmas to Me!

Thanks Sofia and Del Castillo's

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morn. I look odd in this pic.

Gracie sleeps in weird positions.

Kri and Sofi big ballin style on the Brown's ship.

The Brown Family.


It was a sweat fest so we went below deck for some AC action.

Crazy light situations.

Early Christmas gift. Kristin gave Mom and Dave her diploma from PBA.


Merry Christmas!

We hope you all are having a nice Christmas. This is a lil video of Kristin and I taking a dip in the Atlantic yesterday.


IEN gets big ups!

People always ask me what magazine I work for, now finally, I have something to say. Well, do. I will kindly just show them this video. (It should load up and you will have to watch a short commercial, sit tight and Colbert video will start soon.)


A week from now . . .

. . . Christmas will be over. Depressing, huh?

We miss you guys...

Stewmobile. This pic was from a google search, but actually looks a lot like my old car, without the stickers and mud.

Da Omni. This looks nothing like Steve's car. I bet he wish it looked like this. When I am home next week I'm gonna look for actual pics of our sweet rides.


Orlando Stuff

(canal between Wauseon Bay and Lake Down where my parents live)

Friday we are heading to Florida for Christmas. This morning I was brushing up on all the Orlando news and happenings at Orlandosentinel.com. Here are few things I found:

Orlando’s got a new catchphrase. And it's lame.

Curtis Sliwa and Guardian Angels try again to set up an Orlando chapter.

The town of my childhood is getting attention from foodies.

A picture of my old church. (Click to the fifth picture)


Red Hook Rippin - Part 2

We wanted to check out the new, well sort of new Fairway in Red Hook. Sofia rode her bike. I skated.

Red Hook Drop

This is more than it looks like. The ground was basicly loose rocks.


Union Square's got some spooky lights.

After dinner we went to Bryant Park for ice skatin' action. The line was pretty long.

Sweet skates.

The place was packed.

Graceful Machuca.

Sofia was having fun, but the skates were tearing up her feet

Later I was really cold so Sofia loaned me her hood.


Dawn Patrol

The worst way to start a Saturday.

We met up with Cristy after she got off work and went to Buck's Lounge.

The place kind of sucked. We thought they'd have good beer. They didn't, but it was cheap. I had a beer called Bucks Piss or something like that. Sounds good, right?

They did have darts, so it wasn't all that bad I guess.

Do you know where Jennifer Connolly lives?

I was walking along Prospect Park West and I walked past Paul Bettany sitting in his silver Land Rover with the door open and a kid in a car seat. The car is parked in front of a very large home (aka mansion) that has the front door wide open. I decided to be a stalker and sit across the street on a bench and wait and see if JC would come out. She did. Kinda fun.


Yo Mr. Foxx

Quit bitin' my style.

Look for Jamie, or maybe even Brad Pitt, to be rockin' this number next week.

One Week

This is kind of cheesy, but I don't care. I'm really excited (and so is Sofia, probably more than I) about meeting little Vicki-G (my name for her, which Jessica will probably not like). One more week! Look at that smile!


Get It . . . Good.

Oh, I nearly forgot, buy this album:

From SY website: The Destroyed Room: B-sides And Rarities, a band-chosen collection of near-hidden Sonic Youth gems, will be released on Geffen Records December 12th. The album brings together songs from throughout the band's career with Geffen Records, focusing on tracks previously available only on vinyl, limited-release compilations, or as b-sides to international singles. The tracks were hand picked by the band and also include material that has never before been released. A double vinyl LP edition will be released in early 2007 on the band's own Goofin' Records label.


These two video parts pretty much dominated my first two years in college. Smolik was my favorite skater then and watching his part now I remember why. His is the first video and the second is Chad Muska. Muska was definitely Jaron's favorite skater.

it ain’t no party if you don’t got a keg


I've got some money cause I just got paid

I love this place. We always talk about eating at new places, but usually end up in one of the same 5 spots.

Then Great Lakes. We haven’t been here in awhile.

This is how dark the place is. It's a freikin cave.


More Victoria Grace

I'm guessing these were from yesterday. She likes sleeping.

The happy couple and their new daughter.

Victoria and Victoria. Grandmother and grandaughter.

Aunt Kristin gets a turn.


Let Us Present Our Niece

We have a name:

Victoria Grace Brown

Pretty cute huh? Jessica and Kevin did good. I think she takes after her adorable uncle.

Welcome Panchita!

We are officially Tia Sofia and Uncle Machuca to a 7 lb. 2 oz. baby girl, 20 inches long. Mom and bebe are doing fine.

One more cup of coffee for the road

Maria's one last time.

This was last Sunday. I am really behind. I'm slacking on a lot of things. I pretty much haven't read any of Lincoln this week and Chris is probably done with it.

Flying into Houston, the sun was setting.

I saw some dude from MC in the Houston airport.