For Fun


7 years of surprises. We spent about 45 minutes looking at old photos of us together. Nothing. So we give you this.

7 Years Now

It's our 7th anniversary today. We celebrated with pozole, wine and Bachelor Pad. But you can watch this:


Skate Day

Issue 78 of The Skateboard Mag was 3D. It was a fun one-off kind of experiment. Some of the photos worked really well. Mostly it gave me a headache. I ain't good at seein' in 3D.

Santi dug it. He is a skate monkey though. He likes anything having to do with board pushing.

1990s #1


agua agua agua agua agua agua agua agua

From the moment Santi wakes up, he is obsessed with water and swimming. He repeats "agua" over and over. He lives to get wet. Sofia found this great splash pad near our house. Of course it is Santiago Approved.

He could sit here for hours.

Snack time.

This means more. More Mom!


Vote for Gen and David

Hey folks, need yr votes here. Gen and David are finalists in Today's Show wedding giveaway.

Go here for any info:

1. Text "4" to 622639
2. Go to facebook.com/todayshow
and vote for them, couple number four




Today is our fifth anniversary. Well, the blog's fifth anniversary. It all started here. But really, this was the first official post. To celebrate, we did the usual: pool, nap, lunch, grocery store, dinner (santi), put Santi down, skate (aaron), dinner (mom and dad), movie and a beer. Goodnight. Here is to the next five years, oh man, we will have five kids by then. . .


Harris Matthew High is Here

Congratulations Stacy and Matt:

This is him.

Just Landed

Back at a bar.

This time for work. Harpoon's Rich Doyle was at Flying Saucer. Look for his My Last Pint later this week.

This is how we roll.


Read This #1

Kerouac and others.

Just a Saturday

This baby is a kid now. What happened?

At the mall waiting for Mom to find a swim suit. Whilst waiting I showed Santiago the GAUNTLET for the first time. What, you don't know what the GAUNTLET is? I am sure you've done it before. It is simply when you start at one end of the food court and work your way to the other side, trying samples along the way. This day's GAUNTLET was, I kind of hate to use this word because it is overused nowadays, epic. We got six to seven samples. That is unheard of. I told Santi not to expect that every time.

To reward me for my patience, we stopped at Draught House for a pint. Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary (Jack And Ken's Ale). It was the bomb.

Sofia had a house Black Wheat. Santi had a peach.

Then, to reward Santi for his patience, we went swimming. No pictures. He splashes too much.


The Great Bean Mishap

When Sofia and Santiago were out of town I had to fend for myself. The results:


Streat/Jorge Ordonez Wine Dinner

I took a break from beer and took a swim into the ocean of wine last week. Check it out at my other site. You should be reading that one as well anyway. Get with it.


Bird Boy

Listen to that sound he makes right at the beginning. I guess he was trying to say BANANA. It's piercing.


Speaking of rad dudes. Cardiel raps with Phelps about Vans and foampits.


Tonight Jaron told me Hitch had cancer. I did not believe him. This is just so depressing. So depressing. Christopher Hitchens has made a huge impact on my life, not as large as Hemingway and Kerouac, but still. So sad.


Epicly O'dell

Camerabag.tv has a short, fun interview with Patrick O'dell. You don't know Patrick O'dell? He is one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place.

I love the boards with his photos. The horse one is great. Which got me thinking . . .more on those stupid thoughts later.


Santiago Steps It UP

The kid has already started hitting transitions. Sick:


Scott Walker

Filling time when the family is out of town. Post lunch nap movie.

Sorry Haters

Look, I know it's been a slow week. One reason: our camera has Santiago-smeared-avocado on it for a couple weeks and we just got it cleaned. Another: livin life. That's it. Stick with us. Watch this, one of my favorite new skaters: