Grace Update

Little Gracie (how do i spell this Jess?) and her mom are looking exactly alike. I love this picture.


More Lasts

Matt and Whitney came over to Brooklyn on Saturday. We took them to Union Hall for what will probably be our last bocce game in NYC. Before they came over we had breakfast for our last time at Cousin John's.

I sucked.

We also went to a new bar I wanted to check out. Our original intent was to go to Grimaldi's for our last pizza, but the line was ungodly and we headed to Superfine, probably for the last time.

After we left them, Sofia and I had our last piece of this.


4 Weeks...

Anthony flew in to NYC as soon as he heard we will be leavin in four weeks forever.

Blind Tiger style.

Where yall? I mean c'mon we are leaving. If you come in, we can take you out for some fancy pints. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Anthony took this. I love it, look at the lurker in the back.


hells bells

whoops, I mean wedding bells.

Leti and Eric are--yup, you guessed it--engaged.
They are trying to copy us, but they've already known each other too long. We've got them beat.


Found Stuff Tuesday #4

Today's installment of FST also was a New Jersey find, again found while cleaning my grandparents home.

Oh look an old children's book. How sweet.

Oh wait. What's this? Someone's been up to no good. What do you think was being hid in here? We will never know. And we will probably never know who used this nice book as a devious hiding spot. Most certainly it was one of my grandparents kids. And I would be willing to bet my next paycheck it was my Mom. The rebel.


Hot Deals!!!!

Sofia at our last meal (tear) at Al Di La here in Park Slope.

I think the Alvarados are the only Brooklynites that read this blog, but let’s give this a shot anyway. We are selling all our furniture and belongings. Check these deals out:






We also have two tables, file cabinet (wood), computer desk, queen size bed (mattresses and frame), couch with pullout bed, etc.

Email me.


Found Stuff Tuesday #3

Whilst cleaning my grandparents home, Daniel found this Atari system and games. I came for the weekend and discovered they were some of my long lost childhood items. I guess I brought them up one summer to NJ and left them.

This controller will cramp up yr hand in minutes.

Dave's favourite game.


Skate Video Monday #22

While the goons in the media are replaying Jake Brown's insane 50 foot wipe out, I will show another side of Mr. Brown. The dude is sick. This is his part from Blind's What if:


No Sleep Till....

...we are out of this damn beer line at least.

We saw the Beastie Boys last night. It was sick sick sick! Thanks Matt and Whitney for the tickets!

First Ever Brooklyn Show.


This Just In....

Well, we may as well announce it on the blog: we are leaving NYC.

We both have given our bosses notice.

September 25 we board a plane to Dublin, where we will begin our two month European trek.

Afterwards we are moving to Austin, TX.

More later....


Ernest, Don't Stand so Close to Me

Ernest got me a ticket to The Police. He felt bad that Sofia could not go, so he bought her dinner.

At Brother Jimmy's BBQ that was surprisingly tasty.

It also had a nice view of my office building.

And of course fancy beer.

Then Ernest and I saw The Police.

We rocked out.



Skate Video Monday #21

Erik Ellington from Baker 3. How sick is that last bigspin?!


Thanks for the Room Buddy

While in NJ we took Papa's boat out a few times.

Goin in for lunch.

A futile search for clams.


Sailboats kept getting in my way. Jaba was worried I'd hit them. No worries. I am a natural.

Daniel was pretty good too.

Nice boat Papa! She needs a new name though.


All photos by Daniel Miller.

Blogs is fo katchin up. Some time ago (while Sofia was in Brownsville) I went to NJ to visit Daniel and the Youngs. Whenever I am there I am grilla-man.

Hence the awesome burgers. Jaba commented "These look a little rare." I was all "no no they are fine." They were too rare. I just don't like admitting my shortcomings. But don't let Uncle Steve know.

They won't mind. They lived.

The real reason for this post. Daniel was fascinated with the neighbours and kept taking pictures of them. He found them amusing.

Uh-oh she spotted him.