Happy Halloween!!

Although we'll post more pictures of our weekend later, we wanted to share Santiago's first "Trick or Treat" experience!

Snoopy and Charlie.

Snoopy and Lucy.

The native american contingency and their witch dog.


Draught House is 42

This is the Draught House anniversary party. It was a week after the Flying Saucer fest:

Santi was thrilled. Sofia says we need to cut his hair because he is starting to look like Justin Bieber. I like it.

Santi entertaining Sarah. Look, Luciana is in the background.

Crowd was thick. Still a good time and some good rare-ish beers.


Flying Saucer Fall Beer Fest

This is from Craft Austin:

I know we are in the midst of Austin Beer Week, but let's take a quick look back to last week.

Beer festing. First, I missed the Treehugger. Damn. Grabbed a Boulevard Dopplebock instead. What stood out for you? I loved the (512) Barrel Aged One and most everyone else seemed to as well. Brooklyn Blast, yeah. Green Flash Double Stout, great. Had some Thirsty Planet too, ummm, what else....Some other local stuff too, standard fare.

Did not have any food, smelled good though.

I used the port-o-potties, I liked how they had hand sanitizer stations. That was a nice touch. It was reassuring knowing the people serving beers did not have peepee sprinkles on their hands (too far?). Or at least they were sanatized peepee sprinkles.

I thought I had more pictures, but it looks like only two came out not horrible. So you have to look at my goofy ass serving up some Victory brews. Enjoy.

Good time. Better than last year. More beer (I think), shorter lines, better weather.


Hello Elliott!

The beautiful, beefy (8lbs 14 oz) boy was born Saturday. Yeah!! Congratulations Browns.


Hill Running and Rolling

Santi's new love: running full speed down hills, which always leads to a spectacular crash and roll out.

And back up. A thousand times.

New Old Weezer



SF, Part 6

Last day in SF. We went to see a last couple of sites including the cathedral. Javier took this stellar picture of us.

Santi thought Javier's pictures weren't that great, he tried to escape in this one.

We went up to Twin Peaks...the only day there was fog all week, we went. No view.

Okay, not the last day. Here is another one. Our flight was canceled and Javier and Laura had to put up with Santi and me one more day...in their house. It did give us a chance to give Santiago a motorcycle lesson. He loved it.

And a lesson in sliding.

He liked that too.

Bike Pub Crawl Yall

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RSVP Kids.

I never get sick of this song...


SF, Part 5

Wednesday we went to explore Berkeley. On our way we stopped on Treasure Island to check out the scene.

We also got to see a cool sculpture, Bliss Dance, un-pieced.

Santiago met a few animals in Berkeley. Including his favorite: La Tortuga Tomasa.

At the Little Farm, Santi met a few more animals. He didn't trust them. Not the sheep.

Nor the goats.

Nor the cows.

In Aaron's honor, we went to Triple Rock for lunch and some beers. We also got him an interview for My Last Pint.

Thursday we decided to stay in the city. After a late start, and an hour nap in the car, we went to a park. This is Santiago's first go on a seesaw. They don't seem to have them in Austin parks.

With Javier's help, Santiago learned to fly in Chinatown.

For some reason the Chinese dragons didn't seem to scare Santi.

Year of Beer and Running - YBR

365 days of running (at least one mile a day) and beer (at least one pint a day). That is the goal. I'm three days in, going good. More later.


SF, Part 4

We were very busy after Aaron left town.

Santiago was feeling great and we were on the move. First stop, Vista Point to see SF and the Golden Gate. Beautiful clear day.

Santi on the ledge.

Next stop Muir Woods.

Giant trees.

Thirsty boy.

Happy Godfather: Sleepy Santi.

SF, Part 3

Monday was my last day in SF.

I was in charge of the day's agenda. So I said, first I wanna do some touristic crap...

Mainly this. Stupid seals.

Santi did not get it either.

Still not sure.

And after that - MAGNOLIA Brewpub. I've wanted to go there for years. It was great. Good food, great brews.

But man was it hot in there. No problem for Santi.

Well, that is it for me. If you don't here about the rest of the SF trip, blame it on Sofia. I went back to Austin after lunch.