D. Reider

Watch Dylan Reider's third Epicly Later'd episode. I tried to get Jessica to name her baby Dylan Reider Brown. She did not go for it. The dude is sick and the creator of the most talked about shoe since Rowley's Originals. I miss those shoes.


Austin Craft Beer week

Austin Beer Week

This is happening October 24-30. BeerTownAustin and I have planned an event during Austin Craft Beer Week. If any Austin readers are seeing this, come out and joining us:

The Volcom Team is Gnareysome



We've been in SF for the last few days. This is us at Magnolia. Santi and Sofi are still there. More later.


Shit My Dad Says

Friend of the blog, Patrick Schumacker's new show (that's right, I am calling it HIS show) premiers tonight. Watch it on CBS.

Date Night Again

Date night for Sof and me. Once again, it was for a beer event. Lucky girl. This time Central Market had us out for their kick-off event for Brewtopia. It was ok, but poorly executed. Only 8 beers to sample, so so foodage and a giant basket of corn chips for some reason with no way of picking out any. Sloppy. But then again, maybe I am being to snobby.

Jaron babysat. We came home to find him watching TV like this. He said "Now it's like a big screen."

Get Addicted To This

Sofia and I are currently working on this to wow friends and family during the upcoming holidays.


Santi Draws

This one is for Dave and Mom. He loves the bookcase/drawing board.

Texas GABF Winners

The big winner is Saint Arnold. See the full list here.


Mission District Beer

I am headed to SF with the family next week. We are staying near the mission district. This great article has me locked and loaded for the trip. Thanks Javier.

Mini Mistas

A couple old shots for you. More here.


SF Chillin

Our trip is still a week away, but it looks like we are gonna be gettin some BEautiful weather in San Francisco next weekend. I'm sick of the TX summer.


Taco Time

We were in Brownsville last weekend. We went for tacos before the tropical storm hit.


Sofia, sensible as always, went for the vegetarian tostadas.

And then me. Hey I was on vacation. 2 of each variety, including tripa and mollejas. I only ate six, but saved the other half for dinner. Now who is sensible Sofia?!?


Just Because

I'm not really a big Elvis fan, but sometimes I get in the mood for some of his ballads:


7 Year Anniversary Dinner

Din din at La Condesa.

We let Santi come with us.

We tried to get him to take a picture of us, you know since it was our anniversary, but he insisted he be in every photo.

I was going to set up a good photo here, but this is what I got.

Post dinner downtown walk.


Patio Pool

Santi's private pool.

He does not get in much. Me mostly likes to stand outside and fill up cups of water and dump em out all over the patio.

And play peekaboomonstertime with Sofia.

Sometimes he gets in.


Don't dare go inside, he'll bust you up.