On the Road

This is old.

Like almost two weeks old. We were coming home from Brownsville. Santi slept almost three hours straight in the car, which is wild. When he woke up he was not happy. Screamin mad. Stop car and unbuckle him - all smiles.

So we stopped for a little breather in TX country.

Smelling the flowers.

Ok Santi, happy time is over. Back in the car.

He lasted all the way to Lockhart for some Black's BBQ. Sofia hated it. It did kind of suck. Last time I went by myself and I loved it. Oh well.


Drinking Beer, Duh

Isn't that what this time of year is made for...

Red's Porch again. She had a Live Oak Hefeweizen. I had an Anchor Humming Ale. Santi played with the worms in the garden.

See, it's glorious. Get out there.


This Car

I want one. I am not really a car guy, but I have been working with images of this car all morning and I think I have fallen in love.


Park Life with Santi

This is my favorite:

Don't Worry

Even though it looks like it, the blog is still alive and kicking. We will survive.


The Picknickers

Kite Festival last weekend. Jammed packed.

I am on the record as being a kite-hater, but it was a nice day, why not spend it in the park.

We split a gyro. It was super weak, tasty, but too small. Santi ate fruit and was cheerful as always.

Stick investigator.


200, About Time

So I finally reached 200 beers at Flying Saucer.

Plate on the wall. Free-ish advertisement.

They made me stand on the bar which was embarrassing, but anything for a $100 tab.


Us + Jaron.

Jason and D.

We did most of the work. Next stop = 400.

Weekend Viewing

Cave Dweller from Aaron Chamberlain on Vimeo.


Beer Flashback #2

This flashback come from before I had any blogs: October 2004. Our visit to Brooklyn Brewery.

I am going to say this, but I am not sure if I am correct: Brooklyn Brewery was my first ever brewery visit, unless you count Anheuser Busch at the Busch Gardens in Tampa. These pictures suck.

Sofia pullin' the ol' drinking from the fermenter gag.

The Brooklyn Brewery tour is basically: walk into one room, this is this, this is that, now go have a beer. At least, that is how i remember it. The Brooklyn Brown Ale was good as ever. You are supposed to get one beer, but you can pretty much continue walking up and getting more (back then).


Even More from Last Week's Snow Day

I got to leave work early and hang with Santi in the white stuff.

And see what Sofia and Santi do on a typical day. Mostly sittin around. Sofia reads. Santi goofs off.

Today's book, obvious.

snow snow snow



Friday night, Sofia we HAVE to go to Draught House tonight to get some Jubel. It's a "once-a-decade" kinda beer! Come on, we can stop by with your parents before dinner. They agreed, but were not too happy, as you can see in the above photo.

It was a dream.

Saturday was the Beer Connoisseur/Independence Brewing party. We arrived early and left too early. It was fun. Beers were had from Lovejoys, NXNW and of course Independence. The highlights were the Stash IPA , NXNW Black Ale and the NXNW IPA. There were some breweries that were supposed to be there that were not, not that big of deal. We ran the gauntlet of beer and left for dinner.

And now for three photos of the event that you could not have lived without:

Thanks to Independence and Beer Connoisseur.


Speaking of Snow

Came across this gem. Mama, Gen, Papa, Chris, Uncle Michael and me killing it in Steamboat Springs. Early 90s style (I think).