What happened to Ariel?

On Sunday night Ernest came over for a little Dateline party. Anthony had his "first network primetime hour as a producer." his story was called What happened to Ariel?

Ernest was blinded by Anthony's new star status.

Ditto for me.


Roosevelt Island Tram Partay

Sofia's friend from work, Jeff, was throwing a party with his friend from not work, Jake. They from time to time throw Transportation Parties. This particular one was on the Roosevelt Island Tram. Before the party we had dinner at Cristy's.

She made us vegetable lasagna.

My name is Magnus.

I remember when Black Eyed Peas didn't suck.

When we got there they handed out flair. Glasses, headbands, wristbands, bandanas, etc.

I guess red was the color of the night. I don't know why.

The tram ride was quicker than I thought.

It made it hard to take pictures. But I like this one, because you can see the Empire State Building through the blurry bridge.

The plan originally was to take the tram to Roosevelt Island and go to a bar there, but there is only one lame place. Instead we just walked around.

We hung out in some field.

Then walked back to the tram along the river. That was kind of nice. Roosevelt Island is a pretty creepy place. To see more of it watch the movie Dark Water.

Back in the real world we went to the nearest joint.

Dude, I saw Stewy in the restroom!



Today was Christmas. Sofia finally made good on her Christmas gift promise. I got new glasses. Can you tell? Thanks Sofi.

Bonnie's=yummy burgers.

So yummy in fact, Sofia's hair will smell like burgers for the rest of the weekend.

It's worth it. The fries are the bomb too.


Yup, dead

Wow, we got nothing going on. I'm sorry. But it's not just us. I've noticed a lot of blogs, websites, and the such not being updated. It must be the time of year. Soooo boring, lazy. I felt we had to throw up something, just to let you know we are alive. Here are some of the things we have been doing lately.

This is my favorite skate video right now. Diego is money, as is everyone else, except for Billy Marks, I don't like him. They skate a lot of slants in this video. Slants are all the rage in skating now-a-days.

We watched this tonight. It was ok. I like Ralph Fiennes in everything he does.

Of course we are listening to this CD. It just came out Tuesday. It's much better than the most recent Strokes CD.

I just finished reading this. It was darker than most of his other books. This book teaches you the dangers of the bottle.

I read this, now Sofia is givin' it a whirl. It's a girl book.

Now I'm reading this. Oh, I'm done.




Is This Blog Dying?

Well we have finally gotten some material for the blog. On Saturday, Brian came in from Sag Harbor. He and Aaron spent most of the day shredding the skatepark. We made plans to meet up later.

We decided to eat without him and maybe see him later that night. Ernest, Aaron, Anthony and I went to the Hummus Place in the village then to Whiskey Ward (-Anthony).

Leaving the Hummus Place.

The Whisky Ward was full of lames.

Aaron tired from shredding so hard decided not to join Brian and we went home early. Get it, ANC.

Get it, DEL.

Side Note from Aaron: Yes, we went home early. When we arrived home I decided to make us tea to help us wind down. We sat down and sipped tea while watching SNL. Apparently it wasn't that funny, because Sofia fell asleep holding her tea. She awoke with a startle as the tea sloshed all over her. Aye, mensa.


Oh My Goulash

Sofia, Ernest, Austria Joe and I went out for goulash on Monday night. I just thought you'd like to know.

Oh, and today I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but we ran out of fruit so I have no snacks.


My First Bachelorette Weekend

Jessica and the rest of the South Florida Sweethearts flew into town this weekend for Raven's Bachelorette Extravaganza. On Saturday we lunched with Jess at Corner Bistro. Later that night we met up at Piano's for some bachelorette fun!!

This photo had to be censored by the staff of Sofia y El Machuca for the well being of all involved (don't worry it's nothing bad, just not suitable for those over 35).


Jess, not a fan.

They were lucky we came, because we raised that freakin roof!!!!!!!!!!!


The girls ditched us. We scammed Ernest and Collin into meeting us. "Yeah, yeah, come on, we'll be here for hours. Yeah, all the girls are here. Come down." Suckers.

On the way home, Sofia stopped to play in the snow.

Trains are for sleeping.


email I received at 10:21 am:
Hi Sofia,
All paperwork will be submitted to Grad Svs. on or before January 16th (that's our deadline). Your paperwork is all in order. You should receive your diploma within 8-12 weeks. Congratulations!


This week...

...we are back in New York and were treated to the craziest cab ride I've ever had.

Psycho Death Cab.

We are going to see Munich tomorrow. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts?


Sesh - Jan 2

This is a little late, but we just got our wireless up and running. Our last day in Brownsville Javier took me to his secret skate spot from when he was in high school.

Eagle style.

This is my favorite screen grab from the video below.

It was a really fun spot. They even had this nice tree.

My manuals need some serious work.


New Years Eve


We had dinner like most nights.

Brownsville is spooky.

Lil bit of fireworks.

Preparing for Midnight.

12 grapes at new years. See those golden leaves hanging on Sofia's ears, I bought them.

Del Castillo/Chamberlains

De la Rosas.

Del Castillos.

Leti, Sofi, Isa.

More fireworks.

Most of our fireworks blew up dangerously close to the ground.

Playing with my new tripod.

So over new years.