Fishhinnnn Time

Dawn patrol a couple of days before the wedding.

With Cpt. Pops and Deckhand Matt

Once we were about 30 miles out, Matt took the helm as Pops readied the rods.

The sun was strong. I took proper precautions.

And the hunt was on....


It was not a record winning wahoo, but still not too shabby.

That called for a beer fo shooooo....

Then it was Matt's turn.

Nice one.


The ride in was fast, loud and fun (as videos will show).

Damn, that is a big dolphin!

Impossible without our Captain.

Greg chopped, sliced and diced the fish. We swam at his place afterwards. Later we had Mexican food and somehow ended up at Longhorn steakhouse, but those stories are best told in person.

Thanks Pops!


Shit My Dad Says

Even though you did not cast Santiago...go Patrick!


Fish On

Promise, promise, promise. Plenty of good stuff coming. Ryan and Erica's wedding and such. Fishing with Cpt. Pops. Beers! Yeah.

Stay tuned.


Steeeeze for Days

Sorry we have been out of the loop. Most of you have been at Ryan's wedding anyway, so you have not noticed. Fear not, we will jump back in soon. For now, check out Tyler's sick photo from his surf lesson today. Kid's got style, no doubt.


Just a Saturday

Red's Porch again.

Santiago exploring the washer's course.

Digging for gold.


Euro Flashback #2

Wake up in our host's home. Yves was awesome. He has (had) the sweetest loft near the heart of Brussels. This is what we did one day while there. October 1, 2007. Coffee and bread to wake up.

This was our first stop on the mainland of Europe. We had left NYC less than 10 days prior, but we had already amassed a good amount of dirty laundry. We had another coffee while washing our clothes.

After all that junk was done we left the house to buy goods to make lunch at the market.

Lunch at the skatepark.


After I was good and sweaty we went sightseeing.

The St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral.

Galerie du Roi.

Beenhouwersstraat/Rue des Bouchers

Hanging out in Grand Place.

Beer o'clock at the famous Mort Subite.

Beautiful, old, smoky. Although now I think the smoking ban has been enacted.

Good beers. A gueuze and a faro.

Then the long walk up the hills to Le Bier Circus for more beer.

Sofia and her little buddy.

Does the good stuff ever stop in this town? No.

Then to dinner at Arcadi Cafe. It was recommended by Yves. Good food, cheap. He was right.

And the beers we had with our meal.

Back to Grand Place.

But it was way too wet. Uh what now. Oh let's get a beer.

Delirium Cafe. Hard to find, but worth it.

Delirium beers of course.

One more to finish the night off right.


Pardon Us

Sorry we have been a little wrapped up with other stuff.

But I am preparing an epic-ish post. A Euro Flashback. It is going to be about a day in Brussels. See you soon.


Too Good

Jump in the way back machine....


Santi Crackin

He was a bit tired and delusional. He was laughing at anything I said. A great audience.


It's almost summer time. Time to take advantage of our complex's pool.

Santi was digging it, but it was still a little too cold for a full plunge.

Filing Santucas. Under "S" of course.