Sofia has been waiting forever to use one of those dumb cameras attached to every euro computer. She got her wish. Here it is. Us in Alicante. Live and in your face.

We have been schlepping our bags around all afternoon, because there were no lockers at the train station and we can´t show up at our host´s house till 730.

I think we will get a beer now. I am craving an IPA right about now by the way. You don´t even know.


Thanksgiving Success

Sofia pulled it off. Yesterday we had the full thanksgiving feast. The best thanksgiving in spain I´ve ever had. Seriously.

Tomorrow we are off to Almeria, then Alicante on Monday, followed by Valencia on Wednesday. We will be in Barcelona by Dec. 2 and headed to the states on the 5th.


Costa del Sol

That is where we are now. Google it. Today it is raining, but it has been nice. On Saturday we start our way up the coast back to Barcelona and will be back in the US in two weeks.

Yesterday we went to Granada for a day trip and saw the Alhambra. Google it.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. What were we thinking...being out of the country on turkey day...it´s my second favorite holiday. But Sofia is planning on cookin´up a feast for us. We will see.

Feel free to call us. Or email us. I am uploading Paris pics now, so keep yr internet eyes open.



El Corte Ingles es mi vida.

Hola a todos.

We are in Madrid and will be here until Thursday. If anyone wants to meet up with us, let us know. The weather is stupendous.....no, no.....Glorious. I am actually starting to miss bad weather. Yesterday we took advantage of free museum sunday and visited the Prado and the Museo de Reina Sofia. Full day, straight up. Today we got a nice late start and took a walking tour of historic Madrid. I learned three new factoids. We had churros and chocolate, a life long dream of mine.



Picos Chicos

Yesterday we took a lil day trip into the mountains, heidi style. The mountains are called the Picos de Europa. In the Picos we went to the lakes at Covadonga. The weather was awesome, meaning sunny and no clouds (pic above is someone elses).

Sorry for not writing back to all of you. We got your bday wishes and email. Thanks so much. See you in 4 weeks.



Hello again from Llanes. We just returned from a day trip to Bilbao and Getxo. We visited the Guggenheim in Bilbao and I skated the skatepark in Getxo.

Sorry still no new pictures. There is no reasonable place to upload pictures. Man are we gonna have a hell´o ´lot of pictures when we get back.


when juanes
comes to llanes
things go crazy
when juanes
comes to llanes
he puts the heat
upon us

we are in llanes, spain

sorry about no pics

anyone know anyone in madrid