Manu Chao

Ok. This is big. What we have here is the White Girl Smoke. This is a term Fred Gunn coined while we were in college. It became a hobby for us, searching it out. It's not hard to find in Mississippi. Here, this young lady (probably all of about 16) demonstrates the classic WGS: Tilt head up, purse lips and blow hard so not to get smoke anywhere near you.

Oh, sorry, back to the original post. Manu Chao was playing in Prospect Park on Wed. and Thurs. This year we actually bought tickets to see the show.

Manu Chao gave me chills. Sonic Youth was the only other band to give me chills. See these guys if you can.


Ice Scream

No trip to NJ would be complete with out a little ice cream.

Sofia is laughing at something. I am not sure what. All I know is that there was no way I was sharing a blizzard with her.

Why the long face Chris?

On a positive note, Papa seems to be doing better. If you pray, pray for him. If you don't pray, send some good karma his way. If there is anyone that can make it past this, it's Papa.

NJ Continues

One of the evenings last weekend we ate with the rest of the pinies at the Water's Edge.

The crab cakes rule there. Nice and spicey.

Aunt Deb soakin up the piney atmosphere.

Future blogger?

¡Primos chingos! Sort of.

Just to Make it Today

Most of you know by now, Papa had a stroke last week. A lot of the family flew and bused into NJ to be by his and Mama's side. Much of the time was spent in the hospital (which I kept calling the hotel for some reason).

But most of the time was spent sitting around and doing other assorted chores and jobs.

Daniel kept soaking his feet. Weird.
No Country For Old Men

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Skate Video Monday #17

Natas Kaupus
from Santa Cruz's Streets of Fire. The skit is horrible, but the skating is classic.


Foodie Friday #2

Eating out during the week is a rare occurrence for us. When we do it is usually for Sushi or Chinese. Something quick and easy when Sofia is huevad out. This was taken last week on one such night. I love eating out, no washing up afterwards.

Skate Video Monday #16

Fellow NYer Kenny Reed from New Deal's Seven Year Glitch. You gotta love the song and those switch ollies.

And as a bonus. This from Ernest and Co.:


Thirsty Thursday #7 (STONE ME!)

Keystone Light
by Coors Brewing Company - Golden, CO
Style: Light Lager
ABV: 4.2%

Thirsty Thursday makes it's glorious return with one of the crappiest beers around. KL was the official beer for Matt's Bachelor weekend—they pretty much sponsored the entire trip. That's what this beer is for, gulping down brews with your bros and washing down fried food. It's pretty gross, but it did the job.

If Chris ever gets his own practice he should hang a Keystone Light fluorescent light in the window.


Some Saturday Somewhere

Red Hook. We watched sad tugboats. Doesn't he look sad?

Merry Christmas.

For real people, pick up after yr stupid mutts.

Skate Video Monday #15

Dude, I miss Cards:


Happy Friday

Now get out there and strap on those blades.

Foodie Friday #1

Why not, right?

Blackened Trout with broccoli and rice.

Sofia of course cooked it, but it was my idea. Looks good. Oh great now I'm hungry...



We traveled to NJ for Memorial Day weekend.

Papa overseeing the assembly of his new grill.

Daniel came too.

The Tallarico's were there also, but for some reason I have no pictures of them.

Cute, right?


Finishing c'ville

After Graduation, a quick snack.....gigantic cheeseburgers.

Later a proper dinner.

This was my appetizer. It ruled. I wish I could eat this for lunch everyday.

Champagne later in the hotel.

Last day in town.

Javier gettin' all high and mighty.

Over it.