Easter and Stuff

This was the last night with all of Sofia's family. We had dinner at Gordo and Hilda's house. Later the kids went to Draught House, a local brewpub, which oddly lets you tailgate in the parking lot. See that puddle behind David...that is Jessie's puddle of pee.

Sorry, kind of late, but happy Easter!



Oh sorry, I got a little distracted. Salt Lick again, twice in one week. Sick I know. It may not look like it, but...

...the place was packed.

And we were 14 deep. So we had to wait quite awhile.

Towards the end, the older members of our party started to lose it.

Bring on the meat.



Two nights after gettin fat at Salt Lick with Cristy and Greg we went to Ranch 616 with the Gonzalesesesesses.

Beer geeks.

This is what I ate. It was a lot more than it looks. Two flautas, 5 oz. fillet wrapped in bacon, quail, poblano mashed potatoes. I finished it ALL. It was easily the most gluttonous adventure in my lifetime.

Chatting three inches away.



I received this text message recently:

If you ever want to see your beer again... Have 3.1 million pesos deposited to my account by morning ... No funny stuff either or i will kill the hostage...


p.s. Don't text message me, cause it cost me 10 cents and a Sofia gets mad at me.

St. Fatty's

The Monday following the wedding was St. Patrick's Day. I spent the day with Greg and Cristy. We did the normal thing in Austin and went to South Congress and looked around Uncommon Objects.

Salt Lick for dinner.

This week is starting out bad, I feel my jeans tightening, welcome to TX I guess. Fat it up.


Leti and Eric went on their honeymoon to Mexico. They are back now, but I had to put up this picture of them at the Brownsville Airport. I was totally opposed to their matching outfits, but everyone else said it was cute. I still do not approve.


Blast from the Past

Mike Lawson sent me these pics (circa 2000-2001). At least I am a bit better now...

And Jaron sent me this foto of him and the Hedgehog: