It Must Be Those Rosey Cheeks

Later on after Thanksgiving dinner, Ploppy entertained us for hours.

See. Look how he got fat. That's sick. We also played the "guess which movie is rated higher on imdb.com" game.

Friday morning was breakfast at Maria's. If I ever win the lotto, I'm getting them a new sign. Nahh, I kind of like this one.


Stephen Hawkings is the Man

This is the best idea I've heard in years!

he'll save children, but not the british children

Jaron sent this to me this morning. Chris I assume will love this.

Warning: Funny Adult Language


I Told You

Preston, Javier and I went to that ditch spot that we went to last year. It was really dusty; luckily Javier knows how to use a broom.

I love skating on Thanksgiving. Nobody bothers you.


Gettin' ready for some Daewon action.

This was def. the trick of the day.

In Texas Fire Grilling is La Neta

Dude, Stew, where are the skate pics?

They'll be up later. Chill.

Thanksgiving day. In New York it was raining. Tx was nice.

Snatch match, I hate that game.

Meanwhile, Hilda, Daniela and Alex were watching Spaceballs. Awesome.

Later, Javier and Preston were practicing dancing or something like that.

All of sudden night came.

Ale and I set the table. I made her do most of it.

Sofia Coppola wine in a can. Trashy or classy?

Sofia liked it.

Tere slicin and dicin, really just slicin.

Javier likes his wine from a bottle. Philistine.



We will be in Brownsville, TX for the next few days. Enjoy your time away from the blog.



I am really starting to hate the Park Slope Food Coop. Seriously, Hate with a capital H.


New Board #1

For the sake of posterity I will be posting all my new decks. Entertaining, I know.

Anti Hero Eagle - 7.81" x 31.75"

Magic Pills?

Cristy, Sarah, Sofia and I went to PJ and Archana's house for Archana's bday party. They put out a pretty nice spread. The apple martinis were really good, if your into that kind of stuff.

Then Cristy went all LES and popped a little pink pill. Just kidding, it's Benadryl she bought for me, because I had some kind of crazy allergic outbreak.

Rice Tortillas. Sofia says no. Cristy says yum.


Check this out

Also, tonight at 11:59 PM voting is over.


The wager

You have until tomorrow to pick a date for the arrival of Jessica and Kevin's baby. Go to their blog.


Anthony is Back

Not really, we just went to Anthony's for dinner.

Sofia and I split a salad and a calzone. Before the calzone arrived Sofia and I had a discussion (argument) about the pronunciation of calzone. I said it was kal-zonay and Sofia was for kal-zone. The waiter brought it and said as he placed it down "kal-zonay." Yes! I love being right. I'm usually right, but don't ask Sofia.

Afterwards we picked up a dessert.

With posts like this, I can see a reason why you wouldn’t want to buy a few buttons.

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Guess who's bored?

There's No New Black

I'd be partial to black
if I weren’t so into navy blue

Ain't No Easy Way - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Their new album's better than their first. Hard to imagine, I know.

Leif Erikson - Interpol - Interpol's best song, I feel.

Head On - Jesus and Mary Chain - If the Pixies cover you, yr sick.



New York Uncorked

Over the weeked we headed out into the hudson valley to visit Sofia's coworker Carole and her husband Chris.

We stopped in a few New York wineries, Sideways style.

Brimstone Hill Winery.

This is in Chris and Carole's basement. They built a pub. It was awesome. Chris is my hero.

Darts. I lost with great style.

Bets are on

We've started a betting pool for Jessica's baby. 5 dollars--no welchers. That means you Aaron. Go to the new blog Baby Brown's Blog and comment on the Baby Pool post.


Deer news



2006 S.O.T.Y.

Daewon Song is Thrasher's Skater of the Year for 2006. This dude is really sick. I mean, he gives me a headache just watching him. It is almost too much. The fastest feet in skateboarding. Watch his part below from Round 3. It's amazing, even if you don't like skating. He risked death making it; the least you could do is watch for 5 minutes.


More More More from...

The NYC marathon's 7th mile is two blocks from our apartment. Sofia and I got down there just in time to see the lead pack come through.

There they are...

...and there they go. It was pretty quick. We also watched Lance Armstrong go by, but I couldn’t get the camera out quick enough.

Fall colors.

On the way back to the apt. we caught a glimpse of the mysterious black squirrel.

Later we walked around Prospect Park.

Can you tell we love parks.

This shot didn’t work out quite right.

Can you see me?

There I am. I'm really into climbing trees now. After work instead of heading home, I go straight to the park and climb a new tree. So far I've conquered 74 trees.

Daniela is really into sleeping.

It was really cold.

Grand Army Plaza.

Kyle's block has some really nice trees. Well I guess I should say Kyle and Heather's block. They are getting married this weekend. Congrats.