10 Years

Sofia's ten year reunion in Brownsville.



Why, oh why. I was born too late. We are so close:


Thirsty Thursday #11

Divine Reserve #7
by Saint Arnold Brewing - Houston, TX
Style: Weizenbock
ABV: 8.4%

Damn you hurricane Ike. Nothing will stop the latest Divine Reserve release.

September 23: The DR7 day. I bought my six pack and the rest of Texas bought theirs. I hear they sold out within the day (maybe). There was much more of a hubbub surrounding DR6, but that probably had something to do with it being a barleywine (a much adored style by beer geeks) or the popularity of DR5, a Russian Imperial Stout (beer geek heaven).

Regardless of the lack of hype, this is a pretty solid beer. If you like chocolate and bananas, this is your stuff. Straight up chocolate banana malt. Unfortunately, this beer was only released in Texas. And there are probably none to few six packs left for sale. You still can get down here and try it on tap though. The recipe was developed by Austin Homebrewer Kerry Martin and handpicked by Saint Arnolds for DR7.

From the brewery:
This is a dark, slightly chocolatey weizenbock with an undercurrent of bananas and cloves. There is a slight spiciness from the hops and a balanced malt that hides the strength of the beer. It was brewed with Dark Wheat, Light Wheat, Chocolate Wheat, Pilsner, Munich, Special B and Chocolate malts and Northern Brewer hops. We used a traditional Bavarian hefeweizen yeast which gives the beer its distinctive clove and banana character. It is unfiltered. Enjoy at 45°F or warmer. We are curious to see how this beer will age.




PI, byebye

Pleasure Island is closing. Not a big deal. The place was a little cheesy for most of us I am sure. I only went there once. I was seventeen and Chad Shatte (spelling?) and Frank Fillman's older sister snuck Frank and me in. It was pretty terrible. But it still is sad to see it close; I can still remember the commercials for "new years, every night."

A short history of PI from Orlando Sentinel:

*1986 -- Walt Disney Co. Chairman Michael Eisner tells shareholders the company is planning an entertainment complex to be called Pleasure Island or Disney Island.

*May 1989 -- Official opening of Pleasure Island.

*1990 -- Its "New Year's Eve every night" celebration begins.

*1996-97 -- Disney's BoardWalk and Downtown Disney's West End open.

*2005 -- New Year's theming ditched; admission fee dropped unless guest wanted to enter nightclubs.

*2006 -- New bridge built, outdoor stages torn down.

*Feb. 3, 2008 -- Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club closes.

*June 27, 2008 -- Closing of remaining nightclubs announced.

*Sept. 27, 2008 -- Last night for clubs.


Game Night

Homecoming for St. Joseph's.

Me and the bloodhound. Wow, now this is blogging!

"Suicide please."

Then Fireworks:


Small Towns Man

Headed to Brownsville for Sofia's 10 Year Reunion. Yeah!!

We stopped in Nixon, TX for dinner. Our options were slim. Dairy Queen or one of two Mexican restaurants. I was hoping for BBQ, but all of Nixon's BBQ joints had closed.

Nixon in all of it's glory.



Jaron, making his first appearance on the blog, bought us burritos at Freebirds tonight.

Sofia took advantage and ordered the entire place in one burrito.

Just kidding, we shared.

Expressway to Yr Skull

After rampant speculation, Matador Records can confirm the label will be releasing a new studio album from Sonic Youth sometime in 2009. Having fulfilled their contractual obligations to the Universal Music Group, Sonic Youth recently reached an agreement with Matador to release the band’s 16th album of new material in all worldwide territories, save for Japan.



A Nip in the Air

A reader told me today: Dude the Sofia y El Machuca has been draggin' ass lately. This is for him. The weather has been suuh-weet the past two days. Tonight we decided to take advantage.

And do a little grillin.'

Necessities for waiting on a charcoal fire.

Master of the grill.

Smells good!


Thirsty Thursday #10

The Kaiser
by Avery Brewing – Boulder, CO
Style: Imperial Oktoberfest Lager
ABV: 9.37%

It’s that time of year I love: Oktoberfest. With Oktoberfest come my favorite beers: Märzens, or just Oktoberfest.

Avery’s Kaiser is an Imperial Oktoberfest, which is quite a strange duck. Overall it is well made and quite quaffable, but it just does not do it for me as an Oktoberfest beer. It’ll get you drunk (ABV: 9.37%), after one I was feelin’ it. This is what Avery has to say about its two-beers-in-one Oktoberfest:

The Kaiser once said, "Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world." If the Kaiser and his significant other had tipped this bottle, we'd all be "sprechenden Deutsch!" We took all that is good in a traditional Oktoberfest - gorgeous, deep copper sheen, massive malty backbone and spicy, floral, pungent noble hops - then intensified each into this, an Imperial Oktoberfest.



Finally, an issue I can fight for...

Money ain't a thang

I have no idea why I do not have more pics from this weekend. I am surely slacking with the fotos. But I did get these shots from our five minutes with Dom.

Two bottles please.

Don't spray it Homeless.

This is why I hate vertical pictures. Stupid blogger keeps them huge.

Mistas style.

Do it for Chris!!

Harrasing Brian.

He got back at me by totally ruining this picture. Now what am I going to put on my wall.

Oh yeah, this one.


Bad Boys Island

Cruisin'. Ole-E and all.

Steve marveling at my ability to put away two meals in one. It's a gift and a curse.

Rought life.

Exciting, right?


Thirsty Thursday #9

Punkin Ale
by Dogfish Head Brewerey - Milton, DE
Style: Pumpkin Ale
ABV: 7%

Damn, this a delicious beer. People either love or hate this beer. If you enjoy a nice slice of pumpkin pie from time to time, this is yr beer. The spices you pick up in this one are perfect.

Dogfish has a pretty large distribution area. Chances are, this brew is close to you (sweet rhyme). Go get you one, or five. And remember to save a couple for Thanksgiving.