Graduation day.

You wouldn't believe how far we made Mami walk.

After getting lost several times, we finally made it to this field.

Congratulations buddy. Get a job.

Oh gosh!


Machuca Gonna Get You Sucka

More Catchin' Up

Zinc for dinner. Javier had pull.

Pondering her choices. Choosing dinner for Sofia is an art performance.

Wrong bottle Let.

Planning the next morning's graduation proceedings.

House party=dance party.

What's up with that orange glow.


Charlottesville Catchin' Up

Leti stylin Javier's locksoflove.

Shroom lova'


Monticello Blues

Whilst in Charlottesville we of course had to check out Monticello. It was really nice, but the weather was gloomy.

Monticello is a place you hear about all yr life, but never imagine being there. I never imagined being in VA again, much less here.

I love this picture.

Yeah, yeah, TJ was a genius. Check out his gardens.



Flyin Turtle.

Us brothers are annoying.

I'll spare you and only post one flower picture.

Leti and the crapper.

I was annoyed that you could not take pictures inside TJ's home. Oh well. My favorite feature: alcove beds.


Who in this picture just received a Master's Degree? The answer is surprising.

Monticello is next...

Quick Visit

Last week, before leaving for VA, one of Sofia's BFFs, Sara(h), was in town.

We had Indian food. It was too spicy. Thank God for Sam Adams!



The Blog WILL Survive

Just gettin' back in the swing of things after our trip to VA.

Transworld is 25.



I know we've been slackin. Life is hectic, well busy at least. Last weekend Cristy had her birthday party. We went over early.

Sofia, either dancing or telling about that fish she caught last week.

Still pre-party. Cristy killed a gyro.

The saddest cat in the world.

Ok, it's time.

Happy Birthday.



April Etc. in Photos

Before leaving Orlando, I took Mom (and Dave) out for an early Mother's Day dinner.

Back in Brooklyn.

Anti Hero Tony Trujillo Hellhound - 8" x 31.5"

Shrimp Ceviche.

Ernest and I killed it on Cinco de Mayo.

We watched the derby. Bid deal.

Then the fight. De La Hoya screwed me.

After fight Corona and enchiladas.

Best cure for after Cinco de Drinko: shreddin'

Where yr spot at?