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Been a good run.


Euro Beer #28: Un Zèbre à Montmartre

In the fall of 2007 my wife and I traveled through Europe for 10 weeks. We ate a lot of food and drank of a lot of beer (and wine). Not enough food, not enough beer. Being cheap in Paris:

We were hanging out in Montmartre and we needed a drink. Duh. This bar looked decent. Busy with a youngish crowd. I had a Kanterbräu, which was refreshing, but nothing special. Sofia had a pleasant glass of Sauvignon Blanc. More sightseeing?

Un Zèbre à Montmartre
38 rue Lepic

75018, Paris

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Two Videos For You

First Santi:

Loving this song. It's like, totally, my anthem right now:



WTF. Self guided tour. I've done that for free at Circle. No offense to Circle, but this is a lame Groupon. I don't really check my Groupon emails anymore. I usually delete them without even viewing deal, but today "brewery" jumped out at me. I'm over Groupon.