FLA Visit, Part 2

Dave and I did the light thing. Mom and Jess went shopping.

Don't worry, we had someone watching the kid.

Merry Christmas folks. Sorry about the weak amount of posts. I've been very busy or at least planning on being busy.


FLA Visit, Part 1

This post is going to be a little Vikie G heavy. Sorry.

Gracie and Me chillin' in Papa's new van. Lots of room in there.

The kid is a total Mama's girl.


Pouting. What a surprise.

When I returned from FLA Sofia said I had gotten fat. Yeah, no kidding.

Papa was looking good.

Back in Orlando: bath time.


VG and Unfitney.


While we were in Europe....

Vixie G was working on her moves.


You got any leads....

Today we start our search for a new (and first) car. A pretty big step for us. We are pretty sure about what type we ar looking for, but just need to narrow it down a little further. Anyone have any ideas or helpful info. We want a small four door, maybe five. Similar to the honda fit or toyota yaris.

Today we also began getting our resumes in order. Well Sofia did. I can't locate a decent version of mine so I will probably have to start from scratch. Suckfest...


Back and Ready to Start Something I Guess

First things first.

I had two orders of huevos rancheros and immediately asked who wanted to hit up chickfila.

Well to be honest this was not our first home treat. When we arrived in Newark from Barcelona, late of course, we ran to the Brooklyn Brewery bar in the airport and had one last Brooklyn brew. I did not get any pictures of this, because if we took once second to take a picture we would have missed our connection to TX. I will miss you Brooklyn Brewery. Cristy, Pastor, Homeless, anyone reading this from the North Atlantic region, bring me a couple bottles of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. Much thanks.


Almost home

Our fantasy life is coming to a close. We will soon be back in the real world: buy a car, finding a job, finding a new apt, etc....

We will be in Barcelona for the next few days and then back to the grind.

Our flickr page has almost 600 pictures. As usual the most recent are toward the end of the set:http://www.flickr.com/photos/elmachuca/sets/72157602164711966