Saturday afternoon walk along town lake or whatever they are calling it this week.

Barton Springs that way.

Some old tree.

Some Big tree and Sof.

We Need Change Mon...



Skate Video Monday #27

Saturday skate fest at Austin Skatepark or whatever they call it.


I just wanted to let everyone know. We got our reuben fix here @ NewWorldDeli. It was pretty good, the first reuben I would ever say that tasted fresh.


Too much time on yr hands

Will Oldham makes bland songs gold!


this sounds sooo good right now.


Thirsty Thursday #16

Kona Pipeline Porter
by Kona Brewing Co., Kona, HI
Style: American Porter
ABV: 5.40%

I gotta say this beer surprised me. I was not expecting much. When Kona first made a splash on the Austin scene I had my reservations. Without hearing any rumblings in the beer underworld, all of sudden every supermarket in town had huge displays of Kona Brewing's offerings. It seemed a bit fishy to me. And it made me wary of their beers. Why had I not heard about this earlier? Just who is pushing these beers on us? .... You know what I am saying?

So I held out, until I saw this beer. I am willing to try any beer and coffee concoction. But coffee beers, coffee porters specifically have not always met my expectations.

This one was different. Kona did the roasted coffee aromas and flavors very well, subtle, not too over the top. If you like coffee, get this beer. If you like beer, get this beer. If you don't like beer or coffee, I feel sorry for you.

Oh, I just had apple pie with ice cream and this went great with it. Try it.



Sunday in Georgetown. All was going well until:

Oh Jesse, you killed Thumper!! Thanks for the foot though.

After the hunt Jesse paraded around the house like a king (well I guess Queen, whatever).



Chamberlain Pale Ale

How come I never knew about this. Brewed in Portland, Maine. That is Joshua L. Chamberlain, civil war hero and distant relative, adorning the bottle.




Eyes of TX

UT/Baylor game this past Saturday.

Nothing dumber looking than a grown ass man eating a giant corndog.


Sofia and her cup of lemonade flavored ice. Check out her shirt, man she is some fan. I have always mocked the whole longhorn hand gesture and how the entire crowd does it in unison and whatnot, but Baylor is even worse. They are the bears and they do a bear claw motion with their hands which could not look any more stupid.


Corn dogs anyone? Last Saturday at the Texas Book Festival. Pretty much a waste of time. Sunday was ok, we saw the author of this book.

Later...burgers an brewskies. Never a bad way to end a day.


Thirsty Thrusday #15

Avery's Ale to the Chief!
by Avery Brewing Co., Boulder, CO
Style: Double IPA
ABV: 8.75%

As we watched the election results role in, this was my beer of choice. Quite fitting. Brewed to celebrate the arrival of our next president (who we know now will be Obama). This beer reminded me a lot of Mahraja, Avery's other DIPA. It is a bit too sweet for me. I prefer my DIPAs to be more like Great Divide's Hercules, which is straight up delicious. Avery makes better stouts and porters.

Tedo from BarleVine liked it more than I did and had some good things to say:

This is much more of a straightforward hop bomb. One of the more interesting characteristics was the spiciness of these beer, it was pretty intense white pepper notes among other things that I couldn't place. It added a different flavor profile than what I'm used to, it was rather pleasant though. There's also some citrusy bitterness, that along with the hoppy resin really saturates ones mouth. Even with all this intense character it went well with our dinner of hatch chili turkey burgers on ciabatta bread with fried potatoes.


Thanksgiving countdown banner
I can't wait for the food.


Skate Video Monday #26

I know yall missed it. Again, let me introduce you to Ethan Fowler. In Foundation's That's Life.