Raw Deal

Ten years I have been waiting to visit Marseille, a mecca of sorts for skateboarding and yesterday and today are the first days it has rained in five months. Seriously, five months! It may be dry tomorrow before we leave for Barcelona.

But today we are making our way to Aix-en-Provence, home of Cezanne.

I have been uploading pics by the way:



Times New Roman

Sorry about the lack of pictures. We really have not had time nor the facilities to upload them.

We are in Rome until Tuesday. It rules pretty much. Saw st. peters today, money.



Where are we again?

Hello from Padua, Italy. Today we leave for Bologna and hopefully more good food. So far it has been great. Saw Venice yesterday, cool, over it.

Onward. No new pics up yet, sorry, maybe in Bologna.


Ok Yall...

If you dont start commenting, emailing, something....I dont know what. We have been trying to get as many photos up on flickr as possible. Finally we got some London pics up. So check em out (the link is below in past messages).

We are leaving Annecy, France tomorrow for Bergamo, Italy. I am really looking forward to the food in Italy. Im frankly sick of bread and cheese; yeah yeah we get it France, you guys rule at bread and cheese. Next!

P.S. Any news from the states. I am totally lost as far as US current events go.


More Photos up...still all from Ireland

Now over 100 photos up. Give me time folks. Now we are off to Paris...


Brussels, Belgium

Where beer is king and the damn fog never seems to lift. We will be here until Friday when we leave for Paris.

I added a few more photos to the flickr set:


It takes so long to upload, sorry for the delay. Dont expect too much just yet. Later on we will hqve more time.

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