Homeless' House

He's got a home now.

And its super dope!!!


Nice little park for "His Fruitness."

Rahul y Tessa (*Update Below*)

Last Saturday night was the Engagement Party for Rahul and Tessa. Great food was houmped. Rahul's parent's were excellent hosts. Thanks.

This is Rahul's dog. He was seriously pissing me off.

The Dad of Tessa toasting.

The Dad of Rahul toasting.

The Dels and Sarathys.

Sofia and Katia discussing the possibility of swapping apartments


I was there too, dressed to the nines.


Boss town

Ok, finally, some Boston stuff. Sofia and I and a batch of Del Castillo's were in Boston this past weekend for Rahul and Tessa's engagement party. Saturday was spent walking all over Bean Town.

I used to be a Red Sox fan (sort of). Now I am a Met's fan (sort of). People in Boston need serious help with their addiction to all things Red Sox.

This is the beginning of our journey. It started out quite nice, under a lovely bridge.

We met up with ole Homeless and we walked through the nice-kinda nice Boston Commons. I wanted to visit Faneuil Hall and look for some old family sign.

This is the sign. It once read Chamberlain-Lally Poultry, but for some reason they removed us. It's a long story. Whatever. After seeing the sign I pondered a career in poultry, but I hate blood, so that dream's dashed.

Javier, Miki and Sarah warmin' up for the engagement party with a pint.

Laughing at one of my totally awesome jokes I'm sure.

We said goodbye to Steve and stepped into party mode.


Government Center

Well we've got alot alot alot of hard work today
We gotta rock at the government center
Make the secretaries feel better
When they put those stamps on the letters

And they got alot alot alot of great desks and chairs
Uh huh, at the government center
We gotta make the secretaries feel better
When they put those stamps on all those letters

We gotta rock-a rock-a rock-a nonstop tonight
Uh huh, at the government center
Make the secretaries feel better
When they put the stamps on the letters

Won't stop until we see secretaries smile
We gotta see some office boys, they're jumpin' for joy


Boston Blues

So we are in Boston. Javier is trying to pass me off as a professional blogger at family parties here.

I will do a proper post when we get home and I can resize these images. Without photoshop I'm lost (such a nerdy statement).


Farewell Anthony

Anthony announced to us today that he would not be going to Boston, because Dateline is sending him to Texas to cover the hurricane. He didn't know if he would ever return, so he wanted his last meal at Dos Caminos. We met him for a drink to bid him goodbye. So long Anthony and thanks for the rental car vouchers.


Popsin' it up – Saturday

We stayed at Cristy’s Friday night. Sofia slept on the couch and I got the hardwood floor, awesome. We woke up early and zipped over to Brooklyn. We arrived home to find our apartment building alive with action. Apparently our neighbor’s toilet “exploded” and water gushed all over her apartment for hours until the fire department came and turned the water off. We tried our best to comfort her as we passed by and slipped in our door.

Later, we went to Anthony’s place to take showers (our water was still off) and get some lunch. We ate at Sammy's Noodles. We annihilated some egg rolls, soup and noodles. As we finished up, Anthony calmly says "Mouse." I turn to see the tiniest little gray mouse crawling across the floor. We still had a lot of food left over, Anthony was having none of it, but I had no problem boxing it up and saving for later. Then we saw his cousin in a play uptown, while Pops and Laurie were in Queens watching the Mets lose.


Laurie and Pops came to our hood for Dinner. We struck out at Bonnie’s Grill and ended up at Aunt Suzie’s, where the el vino was flowing. This whole time, I’m blind as a frieken’ bat, because my contacts were killing my eyes and I left my glasses at Cristy’s the night before. Ernest, Cristy and Alex met up with us later at our Cheers, Great Lakes. Porkchop has pictures of this, so as soon as I get them I’ll post them too. Guess what happened after Great Lakes……that’s right, GRECIAN CORNER. Goodnight.


Popsin' it up - Friday

Pops and Laurie came to NY this past weekend. Friday we had Pizza and went out and about. Their main objective was to see the Mets game. We filled in the rest of their time.

At Grimaldis.

I bet 5,857 pictures are taken on this pier daily. People are always there houmpin' ice cream, walking off pizza, taking wedding portraits and generally lurking.

Same place we went to with Homeless last week

For Chris

So after hanging out in DUMBO, we went to Cristy's apt. for a party. I don't have any pictures from their, but I know she does. Maybe I can get those, how 'bout it Porkchop?


Congrats Britney and Kevin! We love you!


Beer, Goulash, Sound of Music = Awesomeness!

Sofia found out they were serving FREE goulash and FREE beer at Cafe Steinhof last night. FREE goulash!! and FREE beer!!! It was insane. I guess it was their anniversary or some crap like that. They also had a Sound of Music sing-a-long. The goulash was so good and the beer was better.

Ernest is unemployed, so you know he was there.

After everyone had a few bowls of goulash and a dozen paper cups of beer they started the sing-a-long.

Julie Andrews is the worst part about Sound of Music.

I love this part, High on a hill was a lonely goatherd, lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo. The DVD was skipping so we got to see this scene three times, with everyone singing along. Classic.

Walking Sucks.

Steve came into town this weekend. We did some stuff, but all I remember is walking.


Steve, me, Cristy prewalking at the bar.

Alex and Sofia prewalking. Anthony was smart, he went home before our wandering.

I hate Steve.

Just kidding, but he was pissin' me off with these things.

Sofia was trying to scam a free haircut from this guy, but she lost.

Then we left and decided it would be good idea to walk down to Houston and go from 6th Avenue to 1st Avenue. I wanted to take the subway, but everyone else wanted to get a cab. Guess what; no open cabs. So we walked and walked. We went to Cristys, got some hot dogs, Steve fell asleep, Sofia wanted to go home and I was dreading more walking. In the end Steve coughed up 15 bucks and we took a cab home.

Can you see the beams? They were in the wrong spot, but this was the 10th. I think they were just testing them for the 11th.


All Grown Up

We were in a meeting much of the afternoon. I got a whole bunch of work done.

This is my new tattoo. I did it in like two minutes, without anyone noticing. It reminds me of high school. We were always drawing on ourselves. I bet Ryza remembers that.

This drawing is entitled "That's a big top tent behind the clown." If you notice I wrote: October 05 IEN, fully intending to take notes. What can I say, art stops for nothing.



I love rummikub...we've been playing for the past couple nights and Aaron's been losing. It's all luck (well not totally) he's so pissed. But I still love him.

Pizza Please

I’m sending out a call for Grimaldi’s Pizza this weekend. Come one, come all.

We made Pizza last night, but it just didn’t squelch my appetite for a few (hundred) slices of good ole Grimaldi’s.


Bar B Q

So I know Sofia posted already on the bar-b-q, but she left out a few things.

I was so scared that I was doin' something wrong here. But it all seemed to work in the end.

Hunter was in town for Fashion Week. I hate that crap, fashion week, but we like Hunter.

This foto was edited because of my fatness, especially sitting next to Cristy.

We then went out with some people we really didn't know. And I made a remarkable discovery in the restroom.

So true.

Later on our way back to Brooklyn, Sofia and I took some Urban Glamour Shots.

This one was good, but it came out blurry. I told you, I am a horrible picture taker.

Sucker MC!

On Sunday evening Cristy had a bar-b-q at her fat place. That morning, as a showing of our non-jealousy, we had her over for waffles. As you can tell Aaron and Ernest have awesome Bbqing skills.


Aaron v. Sofia

Tonight we watched USA whoop up on Mexico in the World Cup qualifiers. Actually, Sofia watched and I downloaded Luna songs. Though, I would run into the living room when the announcers would scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Between halves we watched the sun fall into the New York harbor.

Are you ready for the weekend?!

After work, Sofia and I attended a party for my coworker Brian. The festivities were held at Stout, a rather large bar close to the office. We stayed for a drink and then off to Cristy's again. I had to get one more look at that back yard.

We decided to cook dinner there, one problem, we couldn't find chicken in all of the East Village. We searched north, east, south and west. Nothin'

Sofia ended up buying some chicken from the local falafel guy. Everything ended up pretty good.