Desperate Times...

Two comments from two phone conversations while putting together a puzzle about the fact we were putting together a puzzle.

Pops: A puzzle? I would never do that.

Homeless: You bunch of fruits.

Both true. But come on. It was freezing outside, what else are we gonna do?


Bonnie's again. We can't help ourselves.

That beer looks bigger than Sofia's head. After dinner, Sofia needed a piece of chocolate cake. Great! Just what I want to do in 20 degree weather, search the 'hood for cake.

Our first stop was Cocoa Bar. They had dozens of cakes. Sofia turned down every single one.

Next was Sweet Melissa, again dozens of cakes, nothing good (according to Sofia). We finally did find a piece at a restaurant near the house and I must admit, it was delicious. Good choice Sof!


My Choice

In the last week there has been a lot of hub-bub about the 2008 Presidential race. Today I (Sofia may not agree) am throwing my weight behind this man.


Holy Crap!!!

Stay out of the water.

Uhh, I Got Nothin'

But check out this brown pigeon...

...they are all over the place in Soho.


Skate Video Monday 1

For the first installment of Skate Video Monday: Diego!!!!!!!!!!! At least watch the final ollie. It's huge.


Back Numbers, Coming 02/27/2007!

From Zoe Records:
Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips are best known for being one-half of Luna, one of the most critically acclaimed rock bands of the past two decades. Wareham is also known for fronting the seminal indie band Galaxie 500. As Dean & Britta, they have scored for films (the Academy Award-nominated The Squid and the Whale among them) and worked with producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex) on their lauded debut album, L'Avventura. Back Numbers, also produced by Visconti, picks up where L'Avventura left off, with the spotlight on Dean & Britta's laconic, dreamy vocal interplay on originals like "Words You Used to Say" and "Wait for Me," along with covers of '60s gems such as The Troggs' "Our Love Will Still Be There" and Lee Hazlewood's "You Turned My Head Around."


Dude, I love this.

Do you?

That ain't gonna fly here.

Breakfast at Charlie's. Get it whenever yr in Boston.

Whilst Sofia slept off her breakfast, Steve and I mailed some stuff.

It was a crusty day.

Later we went to the Publick House. There was a line to sit and eat when we walked in. To pass the time I went to the bar to order a couple brewskies. Now this next part won't be a surprise if you've seen my drivers license.

Me: Uhhh, Brooklyn Pilsner and a Smuttynose IPA. Thanks.
Bartend 1: Ok, I need to see yr ID and the ID of the other person drinking.
Me: Alright.....here you go.
Bartend 1: Hmmmmm.
Me: A renewal sticker is on the back.
Bartend 1: Hmmmmm.
Me: I was 15 then.
Bartend 1: Hey Joe, take a look at this.
Bartend 2: Nope, that ain't gonna fly here.

Ughhhh. It's true, my ID sucks, but they didn't have to be jerks about it. Luckily the server for our table didn't card us. Great system.

This is the best. If you ever see it, get it.

We met Rahul and Tessa later. Oh and before we met up with them another bar denied my ID.

Fed up with Stew's antics.

Hey Javier, check this out.

Deluxe don't ID, my kind of place.


You want me to stomp that?

After the 4 1/2 hour bus drive to Boston I was wiped, but Steve had other plans.

So we hopped in a cab and headed to Velvet or something like that.

They had fancy drinks.


I got a second wind and showed Steve some of my moves.

So did Sofia.

This is the cheesiest photo.

And that's when we got kicked out. Whilst Jen and Sofia tried to talk the bouncer into letting us upstairs, I snapped a photo. As you can see, he tried to hide his face. After the photo he moved towards me and ask, "You want me to stomp that?" I replied, "You wouldn't." Then he went to find a larger bouncer I suppose. Steve and I went downstairs to finish our beer, when the manager came down and we had this conversation:

Hi, I'm Chris. I am the manager here.
Hi, I'm Aaron.
Can I see your camera?
I can't have you taking pictures of my staff. Can I see your camera?
Well can you delete the pictures?
Well, you have to leave.
Come on.
Can I finish my beer?

So what is the lesson here? I'll tell you. Whenever you are in Boston go to Felt and start snapping photos, especially of the bouncers. They love it.


Current Events

We went to a new sushi joint and they brought us about 10 different menus. Confusion.

The Gate - more darts. Sofia beat me.

My art.

Sofia's art.

Later, we went to the Brooklyn Museum to meet Cristy and crew.

It was Target First Saturday. Hella crowded, but free.

They had dancing. Cristy and Nancy tore it up.

Living in Park Slope, we are blessed with many tasty restaurants. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we always go to the same ones. Last weekend we tried a new spot, Bar Toto. We heard they had great burgers. They were good, but nowhere near Bonnie's. Sofia liked them more than me. It was good for change, but Bonnie's is still top bun.

Thank you mista Jobs!


Sofia, I think we need one.


Ding Fries Are Done!

Sorry to do this. I know many of you hate long posts, but I gotta get these things up.

Kevin and I got sweet setups at walmart for 20 bucks, lures included. We caught tons of brim.

Jim's sorta new house.

Jim and fam.

We went to Pop's palace the day before new years eve. I discovered he is now drinking one of my drinks, bourbon and ginger ale. Thief.

Laurie, Ron, Sofia, Pops and I all went to the Irish Pub. I think the place has an actual name, but the sign on the building just says Irish Pub.

They had darts, so it ruled.


The next morning we hit Victoria's for breakfast.

When Sofia was getting Tyler out of the car she said, "Let's go Tyler." And he corrected her, "It's Obi wan."

Laurie tells me Tyler is three and a half. I think he's like 5. I don't know any 3 1/2 year old who can stack a tower of 10 creamers. Maybe I just don't know many 3 1/2 year olds.

New Years Eve at the Miller's.

Kevin lays down the rules for Pictionary.

More fishing on New Years day.

Upon seeing my positioning, Dave asked, "What do you plan on catching, a whale?"

First bass of the weekend, finally more than a brim.

Second bass. Later I hooked a huge on in the canoe, but it broke the line, I swear.

On our last evening, Dave and Mom took us all to Bonefish, to make up for the lack of fish.